How can I download movies from 123movies on Mac?

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Want to see a movie in good quality? 123movies is the right place for watching cartoons, movies online. All you need to have is a good internet connection and any gadget. If you want to see a film when you’re offline, you will need to have one app on your Mac OS X - it’s a video downloader.

We give you the top 7 best downloaders below. See the reviews to pick up the best program for you. You can try all of them yourself or choose the one after viewing the list. Scroll down to see the apps.

1. VideoDuke for Mac

Requirements: OS X 10.10+. 24.19MB free space. Version 1.3.241. (9th Apr, 2019). 4.5 Rank based on 9+ users, Reviews(8)
Category: BusinessApplication

It’s one of the easiest ways to download movies from 123movies on Mac is installing and using VideoDuke. To get the film on your device, you will need to enter the site name in the search field and navigate through its pages as you do it in Safari. What can be easier? Find the movie you want to watch offline and click on Download.

Pick up the quality of the video file before you click on the Download button.

You can check the progress of the download by clicking on the arrow button in the top right corner of the window. That’s it. A few clicks and you have any movie on your macOS. If you find the movie that you want to watch but you cannot download right now, just add it to the bookmarks to download it later.

2. 5KPlayer

HD video player

It’s a weird application that was supposed to download video from 123movies on Mac. When you first launch it, you may be confused to find the right search line for the videos or the line where to paste the link to the movie. You will also see a link to another downloader and this looks a bit strange. If you have free time, you can play with the app features.

3. 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader

It’s a good application to download movies: 123movies and the ones from other sites. It’s easy to install and use - there are no distracting steps or elements. You copy the link to the movie and you paste it in the app window. Pick up the right quality of the video file you want to download and wait for a while. You will soon have the movie on your Mac.

4. Apowersoft Video Downloader for Mac

Video Downloader for Mac

This app is for you if you have some time to check how it works. You will also need an URL to the 123movies and paste it in the search line. Wait a bit until the video is detected for the download and get it on your hard drive. You have a limited number of downloads as a free user, so you will need to buy a pro version from the start.

5. YTD Video Downloader

ytd 123movies downloader mac

Despite its name indicating towards YouTube, the YTD video downloader can save videos from 123movies as well. Actually, the full list of websites from where you can download videos is far greater and that makes YTD a very versatile app. Besides a long list of sources, it also gives you plenty options when it comes to formats and resolutions, so that you always get the videos you are looking for. With an easy-to-use interface, the download process couldn’t be simpler - you just paste the URL of the movie in YTD Video Downloader, choose the format and resolution and you’re good to go.

6. iTube Studio

iTube video 123movies downloader

With iTube Studio, you get more than a video downloader.Like the name hints, you get a full studio to tweak the movies to perfection before downloading them on your Mac. If you want to download videos, 123movies is one of the best sources because here you will find short clips together with full movies. Just grab the URL of the video you wish to download, paste it in iTube Studio and you are just one step away from having the file saved on your Mac for offline viewing. You can save videos in MP4, AVI, 3GP, FLV, MKV and many other popular formats and, if you want to, you can also save the audio as MP3.

7. Gihosoft TubeGet

top video 123movies downloader mac

Another top tool to download movies from 123movies on Mac is offered by Gihosoft TubeGet. Even though the name suggests it is designed for YouTube, you can use this app with hundreds of websites to download as many videos as you want. The user-interface isn’t exceptional, however, it gets the job done. Another kinda negative aspect about Gihosoft comes from the ads you see when using the app, however, on the upside, the software is totally free.

8. AnyMP4 Mac Video Downloader

123movies mp4 video downloader

A dedicated app for Mac users, AnyMP4 Mac Video Downloader is perfect for those that want to download videos 123movies. To successfully download your favorite movies, you just need to access 123movies and grab the URL for the video. Then, you go back to AnyMP4 and paste it in the search box. Make sure to select the format and quality before starting the download and you are good to go.

9. AllMyTube for Mac

any video 123movies downloader mac

Just like the name suggests, AllMyTube is an universal software that allows you to grab videos from a long list of websites. Of course, if movies is what you want, 123movies is the best website to use because they have an incredible library of all genres you can think of. AllMyTube is very intuitive and thanks to the awesome user interface you won’t have a problem using it even if this is the first time you are doing so.

10. Bigasoft Video Downloader Pro for Mac

123movies pro downloader

When you wish to download movies from 123movies on Mac you need a specialized tool that is designed to deliver excellent results with Apple products. Bigasoft is exactly that type of software, designed especially for MacOS and with plenty of functions to make downloading movies and videos a very easy task. While it does not offer bulk downloads, the various formats, resolutions and editing options you get with Bigasoft generously makes up for that.

11. Best 3 online solutions to download videos from 123movies

Since some users are not interested in downloading dedicated apps to download movies from 123movies on Mac, quite a lot of online services were developed over time.The functionality of these online services is almost identical to what the dedicated apps are offering, but you don’t have to worry about system requirements, operating system or anything like that.


Free 123Movies Video Downloader

This web app is a perfect variant for those, who don’t want to install any software on Mac OS X. You go to the website, enter the URL of the movie and you get it downloaded to your hard drive. App developers also offer a desktop version. You can try both versions and pick up the one that you like more. They both work smoothly. If you pick up a web version, you will not have an chance to make any adjustments to the settings.


Converter videos from 123movies

It’s a web app, so no download to your macOS needed. Copy an URL to the video and paste it in the search line. Choose the quality and the format you want to get and download the movie. It’s fast and simple. This app is free but you can make a donation if you like using it. The interface is not very attractive, but i may be okay if you want to use a free application for downloading the movies.


best way to download 123movies videos

One more web app for 123movies download movies. Enter the link to the movie you want to download and click on the Download. The next step is a bit confusing as you should choose the file to extract. I pick up the first variant and I take the final step by clicking one more Download button. 9xbuddy is easy to use as it doesn’t have any unnecessary features but you may be a bit confused when using it for the first time.

12. What is 123Movies?

You will not find licensed videos or movies on 123Movies site. They are pirated but you can watch everything online. This is one of a big number of sites where you can watch movies for free. The URL to the site is

You will find old and new movies that you can find without the need to sign up or pay for the subscription. It means that you go to the site, type in the name of the movie you wish to see and you watch it. No more actions are required. All you need is a Mac connected to the internet.

This is an online service for those who love Netflix and similar services. You will find most of the videos that are available on other paid services like Amazon, Hulu or Netflix. This is one of the popular free services as you can access any movie from any device in any location.

13. Best 123Movies Alternatives to Watch Movies


2017 became the year when this great alternative to 123Movies appeared. It’s not so popular these days but we predict that more and more people will love it. What can you find there? HD movies, cartoons and TV shows - everything you may need for a good pastime. Those who are already in love with Gomovies prefer to keep information about this service in secret to prevent servers overload because of a big number of users.


Don’t mind the name of the website - it’s not only for kids. You can find TV shows, movies and other videos to watch. All the videos are available online so you can watch them from any device. Movies and TV shows is another name for a well-known Cartoon HD (of course, if you have ever heard of it before).


This site stands in one line with 123Movies as you can see any movie in high quality. There’s no need to create an account so it will take little time from entering the website to watching the first film. There’s one great feature. You can sort the movies according to the ratings, trends, the number of views and the year of release. IMDB rating can say a lot about the movie. It’s handy if you don’t know what to watch before you enter the site.

There’s no more need to be online to watch a movie. When you are away from people and you’re offline, you can fully focus on the process. You will not miss any important episodes because of the messenger notifications or any other distracting things. Enjoy watching videos that you get with one of the above top seven downloaders. Thanks for staying with us!


Requirements: OS X 10.10+ , 24.19MB free space
Version 1.3.241 (9th Apr, 2019) Release notes
Category: BusinessApplication