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Best apps to Download Putlocker Movies on Mac

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If you’re an avid movie-watcher, you’re surely relying on Putlocker to get all the newest titles and watch all your favorite genres. And while this is a very popular and reliable website, what do you do when you want to watch a movie on a rainy night and there’s no Internet connection?

This is a situation you plan for in advance, making sure you have the proper tool to download Putlocker movies on Mac. With an offline library of your favorite titles, even if the Internet is out temporarily, you can still prepare some popcorn and enjoy a nice evening with your family and friends. We’ve prepared a list of top apps to download movies from Putlocker and you should check it out right away!

1. VideoDuke for Mac

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Requirements: OS X 10.12+. 55.96MB free space. Version 2.14.760. (17 Aug, 2023). 4.5 Rank based on 89+ users, Reviews(89)
Category: Video Downloaders for Mac

We’re opening the list with the best tool to download Putlocker movies on Mac - VideoDuke. VideoDuke gives you many options when it comes to downloading your favorite movies from Putlocker. Besides the actual video, you can also download images, covers and any other files related to the movie.

On Putlocker, VideoDuke will download the entire video from the OpenLoad servers while videos from all the other servers will be downloaded in .ts segments. You can either get the URL of the video from Putlocker and insert it in VideoDuke or use the software to navigate to the website and then play the video to get it ready for download. Of course, VideoDuke supports downloading of videos from many other websites, including the most popular social networks and streaming services out there.

icon pros Pros:

  • Neat UI along with high quality
  • Supports most resolutions and formats
  • Downloads audio files from video
  • Two performance modes depending on your needs
  • Allows browsing top websites directly in the interface.

icon cons Cons:

  • Compatible only with Macs - there’s no Windows version.

2. iTube Studio

software to download movies from Putlocker

Since we’re all about giving our readers several options to download movies from Putlocker, we’re continuing the list even though we’ve presented the best solution already. iTube is an alternative if you can’t use VideoDuke for any reason, however, expect a lower list of features.

With it, you will be able to download the video file by copying and pasting the URL in its interface, however, when it comes to choosing formats or video quality, the list of options is lower. Nonetheless, a great app to use if you want to quickly build an offline library of movies in case of an emergency - like having no internet connection.

3. AnyMP4 Mac Video Downloader

Putlocker video downloader for Mac

With Putlocker, download movies to Mac is only possible through a third-party app. And taking the third place in our list of Putlocker downloaders, we have the AnyMP4 software. Offering a slightly different functionality than our previous two recommendations, AnyMP4 will record the entire screen so you will have to play the movie and activate the screen recording function of AnyMP4. You just select the recording area and choose the quality setting for the final video.

Even though the steps of using this app are pretty simple, since we’re talking about screen recording and not actually downloading the video from its source, you need to be careful not to minimize the screen or have other apps running at the same time that can appear on screen.

4. Video Keeper

Mac Putlocker movie downloader

Video Keeper from AceThinker makes it really easy to download and store fresh video content on your computer. Besides Putlocker, it works with multiple other websites and it offers you multiple ways of downloading the videos. You can either do it manually by pasting the URL into its interface, or downloading using its auto-detector. To do so, you should access the Detect tab on the software and then navigate to Putlocker and find the movie you want to see. Then enable the detector and wait for it to do its job and download the video.

Video Keeper is a great tool, however, it is limited when it comes to video formats, allowing only MP4 or MOV, which can be tricky if you want to transfer the movie to another device at some point.

5. Total Video Downloader

total video downloader from Putlocker

Using Total Video Downloader to get movies from Putlocker is simple and easy, allowing you to rapidly build an offline library of the best movies out there. To start the download process you need to directly copy and paste the URL for your movie and then put it into the Total Video Downloader interface. Alternatively, there’s a function in the Total Video Downloader that will ask you if you want to download any movie that you play on Putlocker, simply click the OK button and you’re good to go.

Despite its versatility and multitude of sites you can use it to download movies from, Total Video Downloader lacks a bit when it comes to user-interface. Also, the automatic function can be a bit annoying if you just want to watch a video and not download it.

6. Allavsoft for Mac

software tool to download Putlocker movie

Continuing our list of apps to download Putlocker movies on Mac, we reached Allavsoft. This tiny downloader is very powerful and offers users a wide range of formats to choose from. Quality settings can also be tweaked, however, with limited freedom this time. All in all, Allavsoft does the job it is designed for and you won’t even feel it on your computer due to its low system requirements.

On the negative side, the inability to download multiple movies it once makes building an offline library of Putlocker movies quite time-consuming.

7. Aiseesoft Mac Media Downloader

ultimate Putlocker video downloader

If you’re still looking for a good app to download movies from Putlocker, you need to check the one proposed by Aiseesoft. Not only that it allows you to download Putlocker videos, it also handles audio, converting into various audio and video formats and delivers increase download speed. You can choose from HD or SD quality and to get the download started you just need to copy and paste the URL for the video.

While the app is free and you will be able to use it without limitations, the list of features it offers is considerably lower with the other alternatives on this list.

8. 3 Online Video Downloaders from Putlocker

If, so far, we focused on apps to download movies from Putlocker, it’s time to take a look at some of the most popular online solutions as well. It’s well-known that we live in an age of speed and downloading + installing an app may not be what you always want to do, especially if there’s an online alternative delivering comparable results. So, we’re giving you the best three online solutions to grab all the movies you want from Putlocker.


Like many other online downloaders out there, TubeOffline only needs the URL of the Putlocker video to start the download. Before you do so, you can choose some quality and format settings for the final file and as soon as the download is over you can find the files in the default download folder of your browser.

online Putlocker video downloader


Don’t get fooled by its name, OffMP3 is very capable of handling video just as well. Designed for MP3, it doesn’t allow too many alterations when it comes to video format or quality, however, it will always keep the aspect ratio of the original movie so there’s nothing to worry about in that direction.

online video downloader from Putlocker


Last but definitely not least, the final online tool to download movies from Putlocker comes from 9xBuddy. The website has a great design and even if you’re doing this for the first time you won’t have any issues in getting the job done properly. Just follow the simple steps and build that offline library that you can watch no matter where you go.

movies video downloader online

9. What is Putlocker and What can you Find on this Site?

If you’ve gone through all these download options but you’re still not sure what Putlocker is, we’re going to clarify that right now. Putlocker is considered to be one of the biggest libraries of online movies on the Internet. Offering various genres and titles from the latest productions all the way to classics of the cinema, Putlocker is one of those websites you simply need to keep close for a complete life in the online environment. Each movie hosted on the website comes with several servers to choose from so there’s no chance you won’t be able to play your favorites.

Now that you know all about Putlocker and what to use to download Putlocker movies on Mac, it’s up to you to decide on the best app for your taste and start building that offline library. Of course, you don’t have to fill your computer’s memory with favorite movies, but at least make sure you have a couple of favorites on there for those long hours on a plane without Internet or when you’re travelling to a remote area.


Requirements: OS X 10.12+ , 55.96MB free space
Version 2.14.760 (17 Aug, 2023) Release notes
Category: Video Downloaders for Mac