How can I download movies from Fmovies on Mac?

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Fmovies needs no further introduction as one of the best sources to watch movies and TV shows online for free. However, as popular and reliable as it is, there are moments when you will not be able to connect to the Internet and stream your favorite movie. That’s why, you need to know how to download from Fmovies so that you avoid those unpleasant situations in which you want to watch a movie and can’t because there is no Internet connection.

1. VideoDuke for Mac

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Requirements: OS X 10.12+. 23.9MB free space. Version 1.8.269. (7 Apr, 2020). 4.5 Rank based on 9+ users, Reviews(8)
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We start the list of tools to download movies from Fmovies with the best software there is. VideoDuke was built with top performance in mind and not only that it provides full services to download movies and TV shows from Fmovies but it can also handle audio files, images and subtitles as well.

Using VideoDuke for Fmovies download is very straightforward and the user interface makes it easy even for beginners to find their way around the commands. To make things even better, VideoDuke can download media from a long list of video hosting websites (YouTube, Yidio, 123movies) as well as social media platforms. There are plenty of quality and format settings to choose from when you download videos with VideoDuke and organising the downloads is facile as well thanks to the ability to save new downloads in a handpicked folder.

2. YTD Video Downloader

Fmovies movie download mac app
Don’t let the name of this software confuse you. Despite YTD is a clear reference to YouTube Download, it actually does an awesome job if you want to download Fmovies content and store it on your Mac. You get to select the format and final quality of the file and the list of websites YTD can download from does not end with Fmovies. It works on all the big streaming platforms out there and it also supports MP3 downloads. The user interface of YTD is also straightforward and the only downside we can mention is the inability to download multiple files at the same time.

3. iTube Studio

mac software to download Fmovies movies

Just like the name suggests, when you install iTube Studio on your computer you’re not just adding a download tool, you get a complete studio that allows you to convert, edit and even playback the videos. Basically, using iTube Studio will eliminate the need for a separate player or convertor. Also, it has a lot of mobile formats in case you want to prepare the video directly for iPhone, iPad or any other mobile devices not necessarily running on iOS. Despite the long list of features and functionality packed in this app, the interface isn’t very easy to use and if it’s your first time around, you may need to check out some instructions.

4. 5K Player

downloader to download from Fmovies

When downloading movies, quality is often very important as you want to get the best viewing experience as possible. And while all the previous software also deliver wide quality settings, this one wants to make it clear right from the first time you read its name. 5K Player can be used for downloading low-quality videos as well if storage space doesnțt allow the highest possible quality and the list of formats is equally generous. However, the app could use an upgrade when it comes to user interface and overall user experience as some steps are not exactly straightforward.

5. AnyMP4 Mac Video Downloader

Fmovies movies downloader for mac

Another answer to the “how to download from Fmovies?” comes from AnyM4 Mac Video Downloader. Getting all your favorite movies and TV shows offline, available on your Mac at any time of day, no matter the Internet connection, is a breeze with AnyMP4. Despite MP4 is the main format offered and the most popular when it comes to video, this tool also supports formats like AVI, 3GP or WMW. Also, if you only need the soundtrack of a Fmovies video you can also choose to keep the audio only. The only thing missing from AnyMP4 Mac Video Downloader is the subtitle support, however, since you’ll need a different playback app, that’s not such a big issue.

6. Allavsoft for Mac

Fmovies videos download mac app

Allavsoft is one of the veteran dedicated downloaders for Mac. It goes without saying that you can download movies from Fmovies as easy as copy-paste the URL of the video you wish to download. However, there’s more about Allavsoft than meets the eye. This powerful app also allows you to convert videos into various formats and it also supports downloading subtitles and audio files only. Not being capable of downloading multiple files at once or establishing a download cue may be the only downside of Allavsoft as it could be very helpful to be able to make a list of downloads and leave the Mac overnight to save everything.

7. Apowersoft Video Downloader for Mac

app to download Fmovies movies for Mac

Apowersoft is another great example of an app that will enable you to download Fmovies content. Actually, the entire list of websites it works with is much broader than that and there’s basically no limitation when it comes to how many videos you can download with it. Of course, changing the quality of the final file as well as the format you download in are all functions offered by Apowersoft.The interface is very straightforward and it can easily be used by beginners without an issue, however, it could use an upgrade as it looks a bit outdated.

8. Bigasoft Video Downloader PRO

software to download videos from Fmovies

Bigasoft has a series of top-quality software for Mac and when it comes to downloading video files and other media type, the Video Downloader PRO is the sharpest tool in their collection. Performing an Fmovies download is as easy as grabbing the URL from the website and then pasting it in the interface of Bigasoft, choosing the quality and format, selecting the preferred download folder and then hitting download. There’s really nothing this software can’t do, however, the fact that the free version is limited when it comes to how much you can download, makes it a bit less appealing.

9. AllMyTube for Mac

video downloader to download Fmovies

Last but definitely not least in our top with software to download movies from Fmovies, we have AllMyTube for Mac. Just like the name suggests, it can deal with all the tubes out there, meaning it’s not limited to YouTube. The list of websites is actually over 10,000 long and you can choose from various video formats like MP4, MPG, AVI, MKV, MOV and many more, or simply save audio files in MP4, M4A, AC3 or WAV. The user interface is extremely well-thought and fits perfectly on your Mac computer and the ability to schedule the download tasks is another plus. The app comes with a free trial, however, you will need to buy the pro version to unlock all the features and download without limits.

10. Free Online Downloaders for any Fmovies Video

Continuing our methods on how to download from Fmovies, we’re covering the online solutions you can turn to for getting the job done. More and more Mac users prefer to go for online solutions since it takes out the step of downloading additional software, installing it and having to think about compatibility and storage space. Especially with the new OS not supporting 32-bit apps, going for online tools to download Fmovies videos is the best way to go sometimes.


online Fmovies movies downloader

TubeOffline is a straightforward online downloader that works with a huge agenda of streaming websites. We appreciated the list of sites from where you can download, carefully arranged on the homepage and the very fast search function. There are dedicated sections for downloading from Reddit or from FreeSound, however, downloading movies from Fmovies is not at all slower or less efficient.


download Fmovies videos online

Most of the online solutions for downloading video content are similar since there’s so much innovation you can bring when it comes to user interface. That’s why, when you open 9xBuddy you will feel that there’s nothing special about it. However, one quick look at the various options and fine-tuning capabilities it offers and you will understand why it made our very selective list.


online downloader Fmovies videos

This remarkable website to download Fmovies content concludes the list of such solutions. Besides allowing you to download content from the website, KeepVid also takes care of the unlikely situation in which you won’t be able to download. It does that by including a screen recording software so you will still be able to get all your favorite videos with the only inconvenience of having to play them integrally.

11. What is Fmovies?

Fmovies is one of the best places on the Internet to watch free movies. Not only that it offers a very vibrant list of video streaming from all types and genres, but it also covers TV shows, documentaries and many other types of media content. You won’t need any additional tool or a password to access the incredible database of movies hosted by Fmovies and the speed of their servers is what make them extremely popular as well.

12. List of the 5 Best Fmovies Alternatives


123movies is another awesome example of top-quality video streaming website that can be used as an alternative for Fmovies. 123movies operated from Vietnam initially and offered an amazing experience to millions of viewers all around the world. The user interface is very simple and easy to use with the same elements that you’re already used with from Fmovies and a carefully-planned menu allowing you to find any title in a matter of seconds and even some suggestions with the newest movies or new seasons from popular TV shows. Explore 123movies and you won’t ever need to look for a video streaming website again.

123movies download videos app


YouTube is, without a doubt, the biggest video streaming platform in the world. However, when it comes to movies, it’s not straightforward due to a lot of copyright policies and videos getting removed from YouTube quite easily. However, when it comes to documentaries and general content, Youtube does a great job and can easily replace Fmovies in case you can’t connect to it. The advantage Youtube brings when compared to Fmovies is live streaming, which isn’t possible on the latter.

YouTube video downloader Mac


Vimeo, just like YouTube, focuses more on original content from various creators and it’s not necessarily focused on movies or TV shows. However, it’s nonetheless extremely popular for short movies and a broad list of very interesting topics. Naturally, this makes it a good alternative for Fmovies, whenever you can’t access the website or anything like that.

Mac software to download Vimeo videos


Yidio is our next suggestion for all our readers that are looking for an alternative to FMovies. The name actually stands for Your Internet Video and the platform brings multiple such streaming websites together. It was founded back in 2008 and it aimed to make it easier for users of multiple video content sites to watch their favorite media without having to login on countless websites. With a very friendly user interface, it’s extremely easy to navigate on Yidio and locate all your favorite TV shows and movies. What’s even more interesting, Yidio gathers various additional media related to a certain movie or TV show. So, if you’re all about behind-the-scene takes or interviews with the stars, this is the place for you.

Yidio video downloader Mac


Allowing users to watch movies online for free, SolarMovie presents itself as a good alternative for Fmovies. The principle behind SolarMovie is very similar to Fmovies and the main element of similarity is given by the big search box on the homepage to quickly locate any show or movie. The main menu comes with three categories - Movies, TV-Series and Featured and it loads very fast no matter the title you choose. It went through an interface upgrade recently and the final result is very enjoyable by both veterans of the website as well as rookies.

app to download SolarMovie video

There’s absolutely nothing preventing you from downloading Fmovies videos on your Mac computer. No matter if you decide to do that through dedicated software or website, the best of the best tools in each domain were presented and reviewed for you above. Not just that, but you also have some reliable alternatives just in case you can’t download movies from Fmovies so you’re pretty much covered. Thanks a lot for reading our article and don’t hesitate to let us know of any other top streaming websites you use.


Requirements: OS X 10.12+ , 23.9MB free space
Version 1.8.269 (7 Apr, 2020) Release notes
Category: Other solutions
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