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Elmedia is a multi-featured Mac media player offering steady support for all types of common and uncommon audio & video file formats, which includes FLV, SWF, AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4, MP3, DAT, FLAC, M4V, MPG, and MKV. Whenever you get some new file type and not sure which app to use for it, try Elmedia Player, as it is probably the most universal video player for Mac. Elmedia has its native web browser that is built in the app and also offers an "Open URL" option slightly different from the built-in browser. Both let you watch online videos from streaming sites in the app. Here are the top 10 ways how you can watch movies online.

Perfect HD Experience
HD video player for Mac

With Elmedia you'll find playing HD content rather satisfying. This free video player for Mac ensures a perfect HD experience without video slowdown and troubles with sound thanks to its hardware accelerated decoding.

Watch YouTube videos

Elmedia's Open Online Video option offers you great YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion experience right in the player window - no need to deal with web browser's distractive ads. Also no need to have YouTube Red. Elmedia Player works great with subtitles and fits them right where they belong. Elmedia Player PRO is also a wonderful Mac video downloader that will help you save YouTube videos on Mac and many others.

Play media files of any type

Elmedia is a free video player for Mac that can play pretty much any file type – DivX, FLV, SWF, AVI, MOV, MP4, MP3, and way more. You can play with aspect ratio and adjust the speed of playback while watching the video. Have any action visually displayed on screen for your convenience, such as play, pause, flip or rotate the video, etc.

Listen To Your Music

Not only is Elmedia Player a video viewer for Mac, but it also supports an overwhelming number of audio formats, such as MP3, AAC, etc. It is a perfect helper for managing your entire audio collection.

SWF animations

SWF animations can be played full-screen, with the possibility to hide control panel, disable screensaver during playback, and pin the player window on top of other running apps, so that even when you switch among other windows, you can still follow the movie. There is plenty of settings just for SWF format: set up the playback quality and adjust Flash local security.
  • Adjust video playback PRO

    There are plenty of amazing things you can do with your videos. You can continuously loop any part of the video, also the player will fix the issues with video or audio being out of sync.
  • Save and manage subtitles

    Our HD video player for Mac is also brilliant with subtitles. You can choose encoding, font, font color, size, and border color. When subtitles are not in sync with the video, Elmedia can fix it. The subtitle files (.srt, .ass, .smil, etc.) can be loaded either automatically or manually.
  • Convert Flash Projectors to SWF PRO

    Projector EXE files can be converted to SWF in a couple of clicks.
  • Make screenshots from the videos PRO

    Any moment in the movie can be converted to an image or the whole video can be converted into the series of screenshots. Save images as TIFF, PNG or GIF.

Enhanced Playback Features PRO

You can easily adjust the aspect ratio, playback speed, visually follow events (play, pause, etc.). Elmedia Player lets you change brightness, contrast, saturation and other color settings.

The audio equalizer with 10 carefully preset frequencies helps you shape the sound to perfection. You can easily create your custom presets. If a video needs external sound tracks – Elmedia will automatically load them. You can also use your Apple RCU as well as standard Mac media keys.

Playlist Compilation & Editing

Keep your audio & video content organized on Mac with playlists either on your hard drive or in an online storage, like Dropbox. You can search through all your playlists in Elmedia, add local or online content to them, and when opening a YouTube playlist in player through Open URL option, you have the possibility to automatically add all tracks to Elmedia.

Flexible audio settings PRO

Elmedia offers realistic sound experience. With virtual surround for headphones you can hear the sound transcending from front to back, from side to side. With virtual speakers for headphones you can experience the sound as if it is coming from loudspeakers, distance and head shadowing effect carefully thought through.

Choose the output device for video and audio PRO

You can select the device for sound output - speakers, headphones, or else. DVD sound can be relayed without decoding. The sound can be two-, four-, or eight-channel. A very convenient option when you have two or more monitors, is being able to choose where to output the full screen video.

AirPlay music and videos with Elmedia Player PRO

Stream videos and music from any AirPlay device (Mac, iOS, Android devices) to the Mac with Elmedia Player PRO installed or send the media in an opposite direction from Elmedia to another Mac with Elmedia or other AirPlay app.

Web Browser
Browse Web Without Leaving Elmedia

Elmedia has its own built-in web browser. This way when you need to watch online videos before you decide whether you want to save them or simply don't want to open your web browser, you just switch from player mode to browser mode and watch online videos.

Download videos from YouTube PRO

How many times have you bumped into a YouTube video that you wanted to save and be able to watch without Internet connection? Elmedia Player is very good in downloading from YouTube! Simply switch the player to its browser mode, open the video you need in the built-in browser and click Download. When dealing with embedded YouTube videos you'll see the download link without needing to play the video. If the video has subtitles, they will be saved along with the video. And hey, listen, Elmedia Player PRO can download the complete YouTube playlist for you! And it is not just YouTube videos! Downloading from Metacafe, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. is as simple.

Extract Audio PRO

If the video on YouTube has an awesome soundtrack and this is all you actually need, Elmedia PRO will extract the audio in MP3 or M4A format without saving the initial video.

Download from all over the Internet PRO

Elmedia Player PRO downloads various types of videos, including those that stream over RTMP and videos embedded through HTML5. Isn't it cool that you can watch the live stream offline?

Download SWF Resources PRO

A lot of times SWF files load external resources to play correctly. Those resources can be either other Flash files or audio files or images. Elmedia Player PRO can detect if your SWF file is of this type and will offer you to choose whether to download external files or not.

Extra Benefits of PRO Version

When you upgrade your free player to Elmedia Player PRO you can download various media from the web – videos, RTMP streams, SWF animations, extract soundtracks from videos. You can also take screenshots of any moment of the video and so much more.

# Options Free PRO
1 Download videos, as well as RTMP streaming videos
2 Download videos from YouTube or save just the soundtrack
3 Take screenshots of movie moments or convert movie to a set of images
4 Convert Projector EXE to SWF
5 Elmedia Player PRO is a great AirPlay streamer and receiver
6 Multiple audio and video settings (A-B loop, 10-band audio equalizer with presets, video and image layout adjustments, etc.)
7 Pretty much any file type supported
8 Built-on web browser to watch the online videos
9 Open Online Video option to watch YouTube videos without ads
10 Pin the player on top of other apps you are using

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  • Been looking for a player like this pretty long, tried out different analogues and finally found it. The functionality combo is top-notch. Thanks to the developers.
    Mike Breed
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