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How to download Vevo videos on Mac in a few clicks

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Vevo, an abbreviation for Video Evolution, was established in 2009 by three of the biggest record companies in the world. Universal Music Group, EMI and Sony Music Entertainment joined powers and launched Vevo which since then enjoys huge popularity among consumers of music videos and not only.

There is a lot of Vevo content shared on YouTube, however, they also have their one TV channel and multiple other online ways of promoting their content. None of the channels mentioned above lets you download the videos for offline use and that’s why it is vital that you find a strong Vevo downloader for Mac. If you’re not sure how to go around that, we’re going to give you step-by-step instructions in the following sections.

1. VideoDuke as your progressive Vevo downloader

VideoDuke, Vevo video downloader for Mac, is the most powerful software you will ever going to find. Using it, you can save all Vevo videos as well as other resources, on your macOS. Thanks to VideoDuke, you no longer need to waste time and look for a reliable solution. This software is an all-in-one Vevo downloader for Mac that will make your life a lot easier. There is no limit to how many videos you can save on your Mac and the same goes with the number of formats you can choose from. Select from MP4, FLV, 3GP or M4V and specify the destination of the final video file before you download. The best part about VideoDuke is that it gives you the chance to test all its features in a free trial enabling you to download 2 videos with complete functionality.

2. How to download Vevo videos on Mac?

As mentioned earlier, most of the music videos of all the big artists are owned by Vevo and they usually distribute their content via YouTube. That’s why, in the steps on how to use a video downloader from Vevo on Mac, we will describe action of getting the videos from Vevo’s YouTube Channel since that’s the best approach.

  1. Install VideoDuke on your Mac and run the app;
  2. When prompted, choose YouTube inside VideoDuke;
  3. This will allow you to navigate YouTube and locate the Vevo video you want to download;
  4. Once the video is selected, VideoDuke will process it for the downloading;

  5. vevo video downloader for mac
  6. Before you start the download, choose the resolution and the format;
  7. The file will be saved in Downloads -> VideoDuke. For changing the destination of the final file you have to go to the Preferences tab and click on Save downloaded files to.

3. Download Vevo videos on macOS in different resolutions

VideoDuke Vevo YouTube video downloader for Mac allows users to save the final files in different resolutions, according to their needs. This is a complete guide on how to download a video and choose the desired resolution.

  1. Get VideoDuke and install it;
  2. Run the software and pick ‘Youtube’ in the app;
  3. Type Vevo in the search box and select the video you want to download;
  4. After you select the video you want, check the ‘Video’ tab in VideoDuke. The video is here ready for download, you just have to choose the resolution first;

  5. vevo youtube video downloader

  6. If you already have the URL to the video, you can skip the first three steps and directly paste it in the VideoDuke interface. The video will be processed for download. Choosing the resolution and format is required before the download begins;
  7. Video is saved to (Downloads -> VideoDuke). You can select a different folder for the file to be saved in by accessing the VideoDuke preferences by clicking on Save downloaded files to.

Even though VideoDuke performs an excellent service, you need to keep in mind that it depends on the resolution of the original video. VideoDuke supports downloads of video resolutions from 144p all the way to 4320p.

4. How to save all files related to a Vevo video?

As previously mentioned, VideoDuke allows you save more than just the video file from a Vevo channel. You can use it to save the cover image, subtitles and mostly everything that can be exported. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Firstly, install VideoDuke on your computer;
  2. Navigate through YouTube and go to the Vevo page to select the video you want to save;
  3. VideoDuke prepares the selected video for download and you have to go to the ‘All resources’ tab to see all the downloadable files on that page;

  4. mac vevo video downloader
  5. Click on the Download button next to the resource you want to save or simply press Download all if you want to get all the files;
  6. Everything you download goes to the default folder of this Vevo video downloader for Mac. To change the destination, access Save downloaded files to in the Preferences tab.

5. Downloading Vevo playlists on Mac

No more wasting time by downloading one video at a time. Thanks to VideoDuke you can download entire playlists and channels from YouTube. To get a full playlist from Vevo’s YouTube channel, follow these instructions.

  1. Run VideoDuke and select YouTube to access the platform and locate the Vevo playlist;
  2. Once you accessed the playlist, give the program some time to process all the videos;
  3. Go to ‘Videos’ and choose the format and resolution of the video. VideoDuke will then download the videos at the highest available quality settings;

  4. music vevo downloader for mac
  5. By clicking Download All, the process starts and you will find all the processed files in Downloads -> VideoDuke. As always, you can change the folder by accessing the preferences section.

6. Download Vevo video as .mp3 file

If you want to build a playlist to use on your iPod then you won’t need to save the files in video format. VideoDuke can help you to save Vevo videos in MP3. Just apply these simple steps:

  1. Open VideoDuke and select YouTube to go to the Vevo Channel;
  2. Choose the video you wish to convert to MP3;
  3. Switch to the ‘Audio tab’ where the file will already be available after it was pre-processed by VideoDuke;

  4. vevo mp3 downloader for mac
  5. Select the sound quality of the file and click on Download to start the process;
  6. Find the complete MP3 file in Downloads -> VideoDuke.

7. Other features of VideoDuke

Besides everything you’ve already seen, VideoDuke can perform some more tasks that we will list in the following sections. It may seem incredible how versatile this software can be, however, you can test it and see that all the features work perfectly.

Simple Mode

This mode allows users to quickly download Vevo videos by directly pasting the URL of the video in the VideoDuke interface. Once you paste the URL, VideoDuke prepares the file for download and starts the process.

Advanced Mode

In this mode you have the option to fine tweak the way the download process goes as well as the files that are being downloaded. Select from a high number of formats, quality settings and files to download and get the job done in no time.

Choosing Resolution and Format for YouTube Videos

Before downloading any video, this software gives you the liberty of selecting the preferred format according to your needs and the device you’re going to use the file on. Video formats like MP4, FLV, 3GP or M4V are standards in VideoDuke and when it comes to resolutions, you can choose from ultra-high settings like 2K, 4K or 8K as well as lower ones like 1080p and all the way down to 144.

Navigate Popular Websites Directly in VideoDuke Interface

Thanks to the advanced architecture of VideoDuke, you can use the software to navigate YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and TikTok without ever opening the browser. Speed and versatility in one extremely efficient video downloader from Vevo on Mac. Hundreds of other sites can be navigated through in-built browser to download videos from MySpace, Reddit, Tumblr, etc.

Save Bookmarks

Instead of bookmarking your favorite videos in browser, you can do so directly with VideoDuke sop that when you open the software you know exactly what tiles you wish to download. You have no limits when it comes to how many pages you can bookmark so make sure you select all your favorite videos.

Integrate VideoDuke in Your Browser

If you want to download all your favorite files even faster, VideoDuke can be integrated with your browser. A download button will become available on any video streaming platform.

Extract Audio

If you only want to get just the audio, VideoDuke can handle that too, as it allows you to download MP3 files from any available video. Just go to the ‘Audio’ tab of VideoDuke and download the audio extracted from the video.

Now that you know everything about how to use our Vevo YouTube video downloader for Mac, all you need to do is start building your playlist or video library for any occasion. You will never need any other software to access all the videos you love, whenever you like.


Requirements: OS X 10.12+ , 55.99MB free space
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