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Choose Reddit Best Video Downloader for Mac

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4.5 Rank based on 89+ users, Reviews(89)

Reddit is a massive online platform that can be best described as a social news aggregation, discussion website and web content rating. Users are able to comment or vote the content posted by others, including videos, images, links or text, in specially created sub-domains called subreddits.

Reddit is the 3rd most visited website in the United States. You can only imagine the amount of video content that is shared on this platform every day and it would be excellent to be able to save your favorite videos on Reddit. However, even it is a technologically advanced website, it does not offer users the option to download videos.

So, you need to find a good Reddit video downloader for Mac if you want to make sure you can still access the videos. The content on the platform is continuously renewed so saving the videos you like offline is the best way to keep them. In this article, we are discussing Reddit best video downloader options.

1. VideoDuke for Mac

Videoduke logo
Requirements: OS X 10.12+. 55.96MB free space. Version 2.14.760. (17 Aug, 2023). 4.5 Rank based on 89+ users, Reviews(89)
Category: Video Downloaders for Mac

We start our list of Reddit video downloaders with VideoDuke because we consider it to be the most useful software from multiple points of view. First of all, you can use it to navigate the website so you won’t need to open a browser and go fetch the URL for the video you want to download. Also, the download process can be done in two ways: simple and advanced. In simple you immediately grab the video you wish for a fast process while advanced gives you the option to download much more than just video.

Thanks to this Reddit 4K video downloader for Mac advanced functionality you can save images, audio, script and basically anything that can be stripped off a webpage. It works on hundreds of sites, including social media networks, allowing its users to store all their favorite videos.

icon pros Pros:

  • Offers instant access to the best websites
  • Simple and Advanced modes to choose from
  • Downloads files related to video
  • Ability to extract audio files from video.

icon cons Cons:

  • The Demo mode only includes two free downloads, afterward, you need to purchase the app.

2. Gihosoft TubeGet

Gihosoft TubeGet

Next in line as our top recommendations for the best Reddit video downloader for Mac is Gihosoft. Gihosoft helps users download videos from Reddit, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Tumblr and many other websites. You just have to paste the URL of the desired video and then select the resolution of the video. Perhaps the only drawback for Gihosoft comes from the lack of batch downloads.

3. iTube Studio

iTube Studio

An excellent Reddit 4K video downloader for Mac and Windows, iTube Studio is actually a complete suite that makes it extremely easy for users to download high-quality videos from more than 10,000 sites, establish a queue for downloads, convert entire playlists and much more. It also comes with a turbo mode that claims to download videos 3 times faster than other software. The turbo mode is, unfortunately, only available in the paid version of the software.

4. IOTransfer


Moving on in our journey to establish the software that can be described as Reddit best video downloader, we have IOTransfer. It comes with a very appealing user interface and the website where you download it is also very appealing. It can help you download videos off Reddit and transfer them on your Mac OS X, iPod or iPhone. It is an app that can do more than just grab videos off Reddit and even though it is not that popular yet, it has enough time to grow and amaze more users.

5. 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader

You may already be familiar with the 4K Video Downloader since it is quite a popular app that Mac users choose when it comes to downloading videos off the Internet. With Reddit the 4K Video Downloader registers good results, however, nothing compared to its functionality on YouTube. The 4K resolution is not that helpful either since very few videos on Reddit are uploaded in 4K resolution.

6. 5 Best Online Reddit Video Downloaders

So far we have been focusing on software or standalone apps to download videos from Reddit. However, since we are living in the era of speed, we know most of you won’t want to install a program on your computer. So, for those of our readers that are more interested in an online Reddit video downloader for Mac, here are the best options for you.

Reddit Video Downloader

Reddit Video Downloader

Redv is considered to be the best and most reliable Reddit video downloader for Mac out there. Well, since it is an online service, it can be accessed from any operating system with no restrictions and you can save your favorite video for offline viewing simply by pasting the URL from Reddit into the site. Redv extracts the video in a few seconds and then you can save it and share it with your friends.



Based on the same principle, Ripsave is an online Reddit 4K video downloader for Mac. All you need to do before accessing Ripsave is grab the Reddit URL and then paste it on the website. Ripsave also works as Twitter video downloader, YouTube, Vimeo and more. You get to choose the format of the video before you press download and it’s awesome for no occupying any more storage space.



If you are looking for the easiest way to download videos from Reddit, you just found it. Shiny-dl is a Reddit video downloader for macOS that can be used on any browser without difficulties and it can download high-quality videos from Reddit and other sites as well. Everything happens online with no need for extra tools.

Another cool online downloader for Reddit videos comes from You will just need to open the link to the video file and right click on it to save the video. Simple and straightforward, is extremely efficient.



Qdownloader is a dedicated Reddit video downloader that also deals with 800 other websites. So, when it comes to downloading videos from the Internet, you know where to go. A big bar is where you should enter the URL for the Reddit page and the process is extremely easy.

What is Reddit?

Describing itself as The front page of the Internet, Reddit acts pretty much like a printed newspaper. Just like on the paper you buy, on the first page you have the most important events, when you open Reddit you will find news, things of international interest as well as top-rated stories shared on the platform. Perhaps it is a bit bold of them to call themselves the homepage of the Internet, however, with the number of daily users they have, it’s not far from that.

It gathers all sort of social news in a huge number of dedicated channels, called subreddits. Anyone can create a subreddit on a topic they like and these have the potential to grow and include millions os, other users, depending on how attractive the idea is. In this regard, Reddit is similar to a forum, where all sort of different people around the world can share, discuss and analyze ideas and events. Reddit is extremely valuable for its role in free speech and allowing its users to share their opinions on various subjects. Of course, this often leads to controversy, however, things rarely get out of control.

What are the most popular subreddits on Reddit?

Well, believe it or not, the subreddits with the most success were, at least at the beginning, the Not Safe for Work ones. Programming, Politics and Science are also extremely popular nowadays.

The most popular subreddit is r/AskReddit that enjoys 21.5 million members at the time this article was written. Some subreddits are there since Reddit was established and tight communities were built on them. It’s like an online space where you interact with people that share the same interests and you get to trust over the years. Other good examples of popular subreddits are r/TodayILearned where users are encouraged to share new things they have learned in that day and back the info up with a trustworthy article.

In case you weren’t into Reddit until now, you should give this platform a shot as it has endless applications. And when it comes to saving videos from the platform on your computer, remember to use any of the Reddit video downloader for Mac solutions we presented above.


Requirements: OS X 10.12+ , 55.96MB free space
Version 2.14.760 (17 Aug, 2023) Release notes
Category: Video Downloaders for Mac