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The movie industry seem to be more creative than never with more and more new subjects being transformed into hollywood movies. New boundaries are broken every day and it’s only natural to want to keep up with all the new title being launched. No matter if you watch a movie to relax or you want to learn a life lesson and shake a bad feeling away, the cinematic industry plays a big role in day to day life. Watching movies online seems to be the new trend since less and less people want to download the productions on their computer to watch them offline. However, if you want to see a movie without fearing the Internet connection drops or buffering, you should definitely go for the downloaded versions. Another situation in which you need to have a reliable tool to download movies on Mac is that in which there’s no Internet connection available, in a remote place or during a long plane flight. In this article, we’re going to provide complete solutions for downloading video from Internet Mac users can rely on.

Downloading movies on Mac in easiest way

  1. Download movies on your Mac with VideoDuke
  2. How to download MP4 movies on Mac OS X?
  3. Download movies from 123movies on macOS
  4. How to download movies from YouTube on Mac?
  5. Save movies on macOS in different resolutions
  6. Why should you choose VideoDuke?

1. Download movies on your Mac with VideoDuke

Using the best possible tool for Mac, movies download becomes a very easy and interesting task. The name of this tool is VideoDuke and it brings you the full power of a video processing studio in one app with a great user interface and awesome functions. You won’t need any other app every again after you’ll give VideoDuke a try. This is the perfect video downloader app for Mac from dozens of popular streaming websites like YouTube, 123movies, Vimeo, New Movies Online, FMovies and many more. You can navigate these websites directly from the VideoDuke interface and bookmark the movies you want to download so that you are sure you’ll never miss a title. Also, besides movies and the video content from websites, you can use VideoDuke to get subtitles, images and plenty other resources.

2. How to download MP4 movies on Mac OS X?

Using VideoDuke to download movies on Mac in MP4 format is a breeze as there are plenty of formats you can choose from. Here are the steps to follow for a fast and efficient download:

  1. Download VideoDuke and install it on your Mac.
  2. Navigate to the website where the movie is hosted and play the movie you wish to download.
  3. VideoDuke will already prepare the file for processing and by accessing the ‘Video’ tab of the software you will be able to start the download.

  4. app to download movies mac
  5. Before initiating the process, make sure to choose the MP4 format and the desired resolution.
  6. Your movie will be downloaded in the default folder of VideoDuke and if you need to change that you can easily do so by clicking on Save downloaded files to.

3. Download movies from 123movies on macOS.

The way VideoDuke was built makes it very easy to use and navigate without having extensive computer knowledge or video skills. Download movies on Mac from 123movies in 6 simple steps that we listed below:

  1. Get VideoDuke and install the app on your computer.
  2. Access 123movies using the VideoDuke search bar then select the movie you wish to download by pressing the play button.
  3. This will activate the protocol through which VideoDuke prepares the movie for download and you will find it available in the ‘Video’ tab of the app.
  4. By clicking the download button, you will start the procedure and the final video file will be saved in Downloads -> VideoDuke.
  5. If you already have the URL for the movie you wish to download, you can skip the first three steps and simply insert it in the search bar. This will instantly start the download.
  6. Changing the folder where the files are downloaded can be made by going to the settings of this Mac movies download software.

4. How to download movies from YouTube on Mac?

Offering so many functions and performing such a rich array of functions, VideoDuke may seem like a complicated software to download movies on Mac. However, the truth is that you just need to follow some very intuitive steps to get the job done:

  1. Get the app and install it on your Mac OS X.
  2. Run VideoDuke once it’s installed and select YouTube from the three initial website choices.
  3. Navigate YouTube to locate the movie you want to download.
  4. Soon after, you will be able to access the movie in the ‘Video’ tab and from there to getting it on your hard drive there’s just one more step.

  5. downloader youtube movies mac
  6. Select the resolution and quality you want for the file and then click on the Download button next to the video. It will automatically be downloaded into the standard folder of VideoDuke and if you wish to change that you can do so from the ‘Preferences’ tab.
  7. You can skip the first few steps if you already have the URL for the YouTube movie you wish to download. If that’s the case, just paste it in the search bar and you will only have to select resolution and format before downloading.

5. Save movies on macOS in different resolutions.

VideoDuke is all about allowing users to make their own choices so you have a long list of available resolutions when downloading movies on your Mac (e.g. downloading from GoMovies, Yidio, Putlocker, etc.). In this guide we’re going to show you how to use VideoDuke to download movies on Mac and select the best resolution for your needs:

  1. Install VideoDuke after downloading the installer from our website.
  2. Within VideoDuke, navigate to the website where your free movies online are located and play that movie.
  3. Doing this will enable VideoDuke to prepare the download process and by going to the ‘Video’ tab you can start making the final arrangements for the download.
  4. Select resolution and format and then click on the download button. You can download in any resolution you between 144p and 1080p for any website and up to 4320p for YouTube.

  5. downloader HD movies mac
  6. If you happen to have the link for the video already in the clipboard, you can paste it to VideoDuke to start the download even faster.
  7. The default download folder can be changed depending on your preferences. Just go to the settings and click on Save downloaded files to.

6. Why should you choose VideoDuke?

You’ve already witnessed how VideoDuke is the best Mac movies download tool you can choose for a fast, efficient and qualitative download. However, even if you feel like you have discovered everything there is to know about this downloader, there are still things you might not know. We’ve made a list with the top features of VideoDuke so you can have a clear idea on everything it is capable of.

Simple Mode

If you are interested in lightning-fast download you can get that in Simple mode. This works only if you already have the URL for the movie and you just paste it in VideoDuke to start the download.

Advanced Mode

The Advanced mode of VideoDuke doesn’t mean you’re going to lose the speed with which movies are downloaded, however, you get a lot more extras. For example, you get to choose exactly what you want to download from the website, including scripts, sounds and other website elements.

Modify the Format and Resolution of YouTube Videos

If YouTube is your main source for downloading movies using VideoDuke Mac Movies download software you can change quite a lot when it comes to the final file saved on your computer. For example, you are free to choose from MP4, 3GP, FLV or M4V formats with resolutions from 144p, 1080p, 4K or even 8K.

Browse Directly in App

VideoDuke spares you of the extra step of having to open a browser window to get the link of the video you wish to download. Navigate all types of video sites directly from its interface.

Bookmark Your Favorite Videos

Thanks to the bookmarking feature of VideoDuke you will be able to remember all the movies you wish to download. This function makes the download process a lot easier and it helps you organize the videos better as well.

Integration in Browser

If you want even more speed and easiness when it comes to downloading videos with VideoDuke, you can achieve that by using the browser integration feature. This will add a download button next to videos on most websites you browse and you will be able to download them with just a few clicks.

Movies You Can’t Miss

10. Solo: A Star Wars Story

A spin-off for Star Wars, Solo follows the story of Han Solo, one of the main characters in the Star Wars saga. You can easily describe this move as being a space western and the story takes place around ten years before the events portrayed in A New Hope. Han Solo, together with his trusty sidekick Chewbacca, go on a series of marvelous adventures.

9. Dragged Across Concrete

Vince Vaughn and Mel Gibson are the stars of this action thriller that tells the story of two police officers having issues because violence on the job. They both get suspended and almost immediately get an offer from the criminal underworld.

8. Black Panther

Another Marvel Comics hit, Black Panther tells the story of the ruler of Wakanda that has to fight for maintaining order in his peaceful kingdom. It has enjoyed massive success in movie theaters around the globe.

7. Early Man

An animated comedy that goes back in history to depict the story of a tribe from the Stone Age, Early Man is filled with funny references to modern times. This family goes through their own struggle and everything seems to be solved through a very intense football match.

6. The favorite

Emma Stone and Olivia Colman play the parts of two cousins that become court favorites of Queen Anne. This drama-comedy has a lot of twists and intrigues to follow for a great night at the movies.

5. Annihilation

No list of movies couldn’t be complete without a good Sci-Fi horror movie. This particular title tell the story of a group of scientists that discovered some weird creatures that are mutating and transforming. If you’re going to watch it, know that it’s quite a nail biter even though the story may seem used already.

4. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

A tribute to Robin Williams, Jumanji stars Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart and Jack black for a very interesting sequel of the 1995 edition of the same title. Get ready for tons of adventure and excitement.

3. Blindspotting

Blindspotting is another comedy-drama that tells the story of a parolee with that is going to serve his sentence in three days but has the misfortune of being the only witness to a police shooting. This complicates his situation terribly as he must choose between the truth and his own freedom.

2. Searching

An exciting American thriller that brings a totally new perspective on how a movies is made and filmed. Telling the story of a single father desperate to find his missing daughter, this movie brings a great combination of suspense and emotion.

1.Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

This 2018 computer-animated version of Spider-Man based on the Marvel Comics is the first such movie to approach the alternate universes. This unlocks the door for a lot of interesting adventures for the teenager turned superhero.

Now that you have all the best movie titles from last year and full knowledge on how to select the best tool to download movies on Mac, there’s only one thing to do. Clear up your schedule and prepare for a movie marathon with plenty of popcorn and all your friends. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on Mac movies download software that you tried and, of course, some titles that our readers shouldn’t miss this year.


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