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Nobody wants to see low-quality videos, no matter if we are talking about a short YouTube clip, a documentary or a Hollywood movie. Especially with all the advances in technology and high-speed Internet being widely available, everyone is now able to download video HD on Mac. It goes without saying that a high definition video dramatically improves the entire experience of watching and it can also help you understand some scenes better. However, even though high-speed Internet connections are in most areas, damage can always happen and connection can be lost. That’s why it is a great idea to save some of your favorite videos on your computer. In this article, we are going to present some of the best video HD download on Mac OS X tools and how to use them for the perfect viewing experience.

1. VideoDuke for Mac

Requirements: OS X 10.10+. 24.19MB free space. Version 1.3.241. (9th Apr, 2019). 4.5 Rank based on 9+ users, Reviews(8)
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VideoDuke is an all-in-one tool that is the perfect answer for anyone that is wondering how to download HD videos on Mac. You can navigate on different websites directly from its interface and find the video you wish to download. After you have identified the video, there are multiple options regarding the quality and format.

You can choose between resolutions as high as 720p or 1080p for crystal clear videos. Also, in the Advanced functionality of VideoDuke you can even extract the audio from a video, images from the respective webpage or even the scripts on the site.

2. Elmedia Player PRO

media player for Mac

Elmedia Player PRO is another excellent tool that allows you to download and save any HD video on your Mac computer. If you want to use Elmedia Player PRO to download HD on macOS you just have to install the software, paste the URL of the video in the interface and then you are good to go. All sorts of HD quality are available and the best part about the Elmedia Player PRO is that it doubles as a player for any type of format. You will need no other codecs or anything else to watch any video with Elmedia Player PRO.

3. Airy for Mac

video youtube downloader

We continue the list of top software that allows you to download video HD on Mac with Airy. Airy is a dedicated software that makes it extremely easy to download HD quality videos from YouTube and many other websites and store them on your computer for offline viewing. It is fast, easy to use and with a great interface, allowing you to download 4K videos that will transform the activity of watching a movie into a real show.

4. 4K Video Downloader for Mac

4k video downloader for mac

Just as the name suggests, this is a dedicated 4K video downloader that is perfectly optimized for Mac. The software is capable of delivering excellent quality for videos downloaded from hundreds of websites and it is compatible with all the Mac OS X versions so you don’t have to worry about a thing. The multiple format and quality settings it comes with make it an excellent choice for all types of users.

5. HD Video Converter Factory Pro

hd video converter for mac

All users that want to download HD videos are interested in a reliable software that allows them to download as many videos as they want, at a good quality and with plenty of options when it comes to formats. HD Video Converter Factory Pro is exactly that type of software that you can use whenever you want to make sure a video is available any time, no matter if the Internet is working or not.

6. Total Video downloader for macOS

downloader hd video for mac

If you don’t want 4K quality and anything too complicated but you want to be able to download YouTube videos fast and easy, Total Video downloader is a good solution. You can download videos on macOS with it and it delivers a straightforward experience without excelling in anything in particular.

7. YTD Video Downloader for Mac

hd youtube downloader

All the users that wish to avoid annoying ads or pop-ups showing up when performing a video HD download on Mac, YTD Video Downloader is the perfect choice. You can use it to download HD videos, audio and even other elements from YouTube and several other sites. You can get the subtitles of a YouTube video and even entire channels if you want to. A great tool that is easy to use by all types of computer users.

8. 5K Video Player for Mac

video downloader hd for mac

For those that want crystal clear videos at resolutions of 5K or even more but do not want to lose time over complicated setting, the 5K Video Player for Mac comes as a perfect alternative. You can download multiple movies at the same time, convert YouTube videos into MP3 and even pause a download to resume it at a later time.

9. Gihosoft TubeGet

5k video downloader for mac

Gihosoft TubeGet comes with a complete tool to download HD on Mac OS X. You are free to choose any HD resolution you wish, as long as the source video also supports it and decide the format and location to save the file. It can also convert MP3 files and you are able to use TubeGet on many media streaming websites.

10. Kigo Video Downloader for macOS

hd resolution video downloader

Last but not least, the Kigo video downloader ends our list of suggestions for those that want to download videos on macOS. With the Kigo Video Downloader you get an all-in-one online video downloader that allows you to grab videos from over 1000 websites. You can choose the desired resolution from 4K all the way down to 240p and it can operate with AVI, MP4, 3GP, MPEG and numerous other video formats.

720p vs 1080p HD - What’s the difference?

Many of you have probably seen these marking on online videos and even though it is clear it refers to resolutions and quality, you might be wondering what that’s all about. Well, to take it back a few years, we need to look at how everything started in the broadcasting system. The PAL or Phase Alternating Line used a 576i [which could translate to 576p] system which meant a 576 pixels on the vertical axis. That is the standard resolution we get at a normal TV.

A 720p resolution equals to 1280 x 720, meaning 720 pixels on the vertical, giving you a total of almost 1 million pixels that provide a much better viewing quality. Going further, the 1080p is the equivalent of a 1920 x 1080 resolution, with a total of over 2 million pixels, also referred to Full HD.

Now that you know all the possible tools you can use to download HD on Mac, all you have to do is find a website that offers the video you wish to download in Full HD resolution and save it on your computer. This allows you to watch it on your laptop when you’re away from home or any other Internet source. Make sure to also bring some popcorn with you!


Requirements: OS X 10.10+ , 24.19MB free space
Version 1.3.241 (9th Apr, 2019) Release notes
Category: BusinessApplication
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