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How to Fix YouTube Videos that are Not Loaded?

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Every now and then you get a YouTube video not loading for various reasons and that’s enough to ruin your entire experience. Even though this is an unpleasant event, you can now rest assured as this article includes all the tips and tricks to fix any YouTube not loading videos. So, without further ado, let’s check out what can be done when you get the website or the YouTube app not loading videos.

1. The main reasons why YouTube is not loading videos

When talking about YouTube videos not loading, you can usually pin-point the issue to one of these big categories:

  • • Browser issues - the browser is the one responsible for some YouTube not loading videos so refreshing the page usually gets the problem fixed. Updating the browser or clearing the cache may also be needed.
  • • Computer issues - if it’s not from the browser, it may be that the overall computer is facing some problems. A restart or update should get things back on track if that’s where the issue comes from.
  • • Internet issues - another reason for YouTube app not loading videos may come from your internet connection. Turning your router off and then restarting it should get any Internet issue fixed in no time and if the Internet is generally slow, you may want to lower the video quality.
  • • Mobile issues - if you’re dealing with YouTube not loading videos on a mobile device, the first thing to do is restart the app. Also, check that your reception is good enough if you’re on data, or that the Wi-Fi signal is strong enough.

2. 5 ways to fix YouTube videos not loading

Now that we’ve explored the main possible issues that lead to YouTube videos not loading, it’s time to also check out what are the solutions in step-by-step guides. Sure, we’ve already given you a quick fix when describing the problem, however, since not everyone is a computer enthusiast, having all the steps available is also recommended. That’s exactly what we are going to do in this next section.

Refresh your browser

If your browser of choice is outdated, it can lead to the video failing to play. Most browsers will prompt you for updates so make sure you keep them updated at all times. If you’re not sure that you’re getting automatic updates, you can check the browser version and then check for the latest version online. Comparing the two versions will tell you if you need to perform an update. Once you’re sure the browser is up to date, whenever you get YouTube videos not loading, just click the refresh button at the top of the page. It looks like this, no matter the browser you’re using - ⟳

Restart your Internet connection

If refreshing the browser still doesn’t load the video and you also notice that other websites are not loading as well, it’s most likely from your Internet connection. No matter if you’re using a LAN connection or you’re connected through Wi-Fi, restarting the router will do the trick.

Depending on the router model you have, you can either press a Reset button on it and hold it pressed for 10 to 15 seconds until all the lights on it go out and then start to slowly light up again. Or, if you can’t find a Reset button, fixing YouTube videos not loading can be done by simply removing the power plug for the same 10 to 15 seconds and plug it in again. Give it another few minutes for the connection to be established again and then you’re good to go.

Clear Cache and Cookies

Sometimes, videos on YouTube won’t load because you need to clear the cache and cookies for your browser. To do so, you need to follow these steps:

  • • Click on Settings in the browser toolbar.
  • • Then, click on the Advanced button at the bottom of the dialog box.
  • • You will see the Clear Browsing Data box, click it.
  • • A new window is open now and you are able to select exactly what browser data you want to delete.
  • • Check the button for Cookies and cached images and files.
  • • Then, you need to select the interval for which you delete the cookies and cache - > select All Time.
  • • Finally, click on Clear browsing data and now the YouTube not loading videos should work.

Update the Adobe Flash Player

Sometimes, even though there’s nothing wrong with your Internet Connection or browser, it’s the Adobe Flash Player causing the issue. YouTube videos not loading can easily be caused by an outdated Flash Player so to update it, here’s what you should do.

  • • Open your browser and go to › flashplayer.
  • • On the right side of the screen, you will see the Install Now button.
  • • Even if you already have an older version of Adobe on your computer, the button will still say Install Now so don’t worry.
  • • The Flash will update and after the process is finished you just need to restart the browser.

Reduce the Video Quality

If none of the above tips will make the YouTube videos not loading to work again, it points towards a generally slow internet connection. It may be that the ISP doesn’t provide a good enough internet connection or from various other reasons. In cases like these, your only option is to reduce the video quality so that the weak internet can load it properly. To do so, you just need to click on the cog icon that represents YouTube’s setting for that video, and click on 360p or even lower. The chances of smoothly playing the video increase with every step you take in lowering the quality.

3. Bonus Tip: how to download YouTube videos to watch offline

No matter how many tips and tricks you apply, sometimes YouTube will simply not load. This could be caused by server issues on the platform’s side or various other issues that are simply not under your control. So, if you want to make sure you’ll never have to deal with YouTube videos not loading when you want to watch your favorite video, downloading it on your computer is the best way.

There are various apps out there allowing you to download YouTube videos and watch offline, however, VideoDuke stands out with its wide range of features and ease of use. With the help of this video downloader, you will easily download all your favorite videos so you don’t have to depend on the Internet to watch them. Besides video, VideoDuke can also download audio only and a lot of other files related to the videos like images or subtitles. You can choose the quality you wish for the videos, up to an amazing 8K and getting full playlists or even YouTube channels is also something that VideoDuke can easily do for you.

YouTube video downloader Mac

There’s no way you will be taken by surprise the next time you’ll see YouTube videos not loading. With all these tips and tricks on what to do to make them run again, you will be able to easily troubleshoot any situation. Also, remember that you can avoid troubleshooting altogether by downloading YouTube videos to your computer with VideoDuke. Thank you very much for checking out or list of methods to get YouTube videos to work in any conditions!


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