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With the rapid evolution of the music industry, there are dozens of new artist taking their shot at fame and fortune and, even if some of them don’t make it, there are still millions of songs out there that are worth listening. The amount of music produced every day is huge and even though we all use various streaming platforms, it’s enough to have a few hours without internet to regret no downloading an offline playlist. If you want to be covered in case of such an event or you’re simply in a country where mobile data is not offered in such generous amounts, you need to find a top rated music downloader fast! And since there are a lot of apps out there, we decided to try and give you a helping hand by describing the one we tested recently and consider it’s the best there is out there. So, without further ado, let’s check out VideoDuke music downloader for Mac.

Download music on your Mac with VideoDuke

  1. VideoDuke - Mac Music Downloader
  2. Download music videos from the website on Mac
  3. How to download audio from Youtube?
  4. Downloading YouTube channels on macOS
  5. An easy way to get music playlists on computer
  6. How to download music from Bandcamp?

1. VideoDuke - Mac Music Downloader

What makes VideoDuke stand out from the crowd is its flexibility and versatility when it comes to downloading online videos from various sources and transform them into audio or video files on your computer. This top rated music downloader gives you the opportunity to save images on Mac, audio, video, subtitles or entire playlists from YouTube and dozens other websites thanks to its Advanced mode. Besides supporting more than 100 video and music sharing platforms, VideoDuke can also be integrated with your browser so that you easily download anything you want. This adds a download button next to the video on the websites you navigate on. Press that button to get the process started. We’ll discover everything about VideoDuke and the other features this Mac music downloader offers in the article below.

2. Download music videos from the website on Mac

VideoDuke is the fastest video downloader for Mac and delivers functionality in a very easy-to-use package. And even though this music downloader for Mac will feel intuitive the first time you open it, we’ve decided to put together a few steps to follow when downloading your favorite music.

  1. Install VideoDuke on your Mac.
  2. Go to the website where your video is located and get the URL for the specific video you want to download.
  3. Paste that link in the interface of VideoDuke and you’re already on your way.
  4. Before finishing the process, make sure you select MP4 from the list of available formats.
  5. Discover the saved file in Downloads -> VideoDuke and if you want to save the next downloads to a different destination, just change it from the preferences section by clicking on Save downloaded files to.

3. How to download audio from Youtube?

Since YouTube is the biggest video-sharing platform there is, most users will download their music from there. Below, you have the steps to follow to put this music downloader for Mac to great use.

  1. Download the software and install it on your Mac computer.
  2. Run VideoDuke, choose YouTube when prompted and start surfing the website right in the VideoDuke’s interface to locate the video you want to grab.
  3. After deciding on the video, head over to the ‘Audio’ tab to check out the files ready for download.
  4. YouTube music downloader Mac

  5. In case you already have an URL for the video you want to transform into music on your Mac, paste that in VideoDuke and then go to the ‘Audio’ tab to see your download being prepared.
  6. In both situations, the MP3 file with your favorite song is going to be downloaded in Downloads -> VideoDuke. This is the default destination for VideoDuke downloads and you can change it by accessing the Save downloaded files to option in the preferences tab.

4. Downloading YouTube channels on macOS

Being a top rated music downloader, VideoDuke comes with the possibility of saving a lot of time when building your offline playlist. With it, you can download entire YouTube channels and enjoy the music already structured on your computer. Here’s how:

  1. Download VideoDuke from the website and install the app on your Mac.
  2. After running the software, choose YouTube from the websites presented and go identify the channel you want to download.
  3. After locating the channel, head over to the ‘Audio’ tab and you will see that it’s possible to download everything on that channel.
  4. Just like with the previous download options, if you already have the URL for the channel you can skip the first two steps and just past that link in the VideoDuke search box.
  5. After choosing the format and quality of the final file, go to VideoDuke in the Downloads folder to check out your final files. As always, you can change the destination from Preferences -> Save downloaded files to.

5. An easy way to get music playlists on computer

We already told you that VideoDuke provides the tools needed to immediately build an offline playlist to avoid the unwanted situations when you can’t connect to the Internet. However, you didn’t expect the program to grab entire playlists of the Internet, did you? Well, here’s how this excellent Mac music downloader works, if you want to download entire playlists:

  1. Download and install the VideoDuke app on your Mac OS X.
  2. Run the software and select YouTube when prompted. This allows you to use VideoDuke as a browser and head over to the playlist you want to grab.
  3. Once you locate the playlist in VideoDuke, go to the ‘Audio’ tab and make sure to select the desired format before pressing download. This is the moment when you’ll have to select the quality of the final file as well.
  4. app to download YouTube playlists

  5. If you think it’s easier to get the URL for the YouTube playlist and then paste it in VideoDuke, you can go that way as well and skip to step three of this guide.
  6. Both methods will save the final files to Downloads -> VideoDuke, the standard download folder. If you want to change it, you have to access the ‘Preferences’ and click on Save downloaded files to menu.

6. How to download music from Bandcamp?

Bandcamp is also highly popular when it comes to streaming music and videos and just like YouTube, it doesn’t give you the option to download anything. Unless the artists post a download link, you have use our top rated music downloader to grab that stuff and make it available offline. Here’s how to use VideoDuke on Bandcamp:

  1. Get the installer pack and add VideoDuke on your macOS.
  2. Access Bandcamp and go to the track you want to download by using VideoDuke directly.
  3. If you already have the URL for the song, you can paste it in the search box.
  4. Bandcamp music downloader Mac

  5. No matter what approach you use, the next step is going to the ‘Audio’ tab where your file will be ready for the final action. Make sure to select the resolution and format and click on ‘Download’.
  6. The songs will be available in the ‘Downloads’ under in VideoDuke unless you choose a different destination by going to Save downloaded files to option in the ‘Preferences’ menu.

Now you have the tool and the steps to download music from absolutely every major streaming platform out there. You can start using VideoDuke, the best video converter for Mac, with 2 free downloads and convince yourself that there’s no other software to match its flexibility and adaptability. Make sure to tell us how the download went by posting in the comments section. Thanks for reading and happy downloading!


Requirements: OS X 10.12+ , 26.83MB free space
Version 1.16.296 (16 Mar, 2021) Release notes
Category: Video Downloaders for Mac