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Choose The Best Solution To Download Tumblr Video on Mac

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Tumblr is a bottomless treasure chest of unique and creative content - each second, 1.5 thousand posts are published on this social network. While you can easily save all the marvelous pictures and photos you want to your Mac, Tumblr video download is a whole different story. The platform doesn’t offer its users an easy way to save funny GIFs or video clips on their devices. On macOS, you have to either dig through the source code of a page with Web Inspector or use Tumblr video downloader. The latter is more convenient.

In this article we’re going to compare some of the best video downloading apps that let you download Tumblr videos without a hassle.

Top 5 Tumblr video downloaders for Mac

1. VideoDuke for Mac

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Requirements: OS X 10.12+. 55.99MB free space. Version (30 Apr, 2024). 4.5 Rank based on 89+ users, Reviews(89)
Category: Video Downloaders for Mac

VideoDuke for Mac is a progressive tool that makes saving any Tumblr clip or animation to your device as easy as pie. With VideoDuke you get more than an average video downloading app can give you. Feel free to select from the widely supported output formats (FLV, M4V, 3GP, MP4), choose the preferred quality including HD, bookmark the videos you'd like to download later, and more.

If downloading online clips is something that you frequently do, you can integrate VideoDuke with your browser. Apart from Tumblr, VideoDuke allows you to grab multimedia content from any social media or video hosting website.

icon pros Pros:

  • Supports a variety of video and audio formats
  • Comes with built-in browser integration
  • In-app navigation for popular websites
  • Can download videos as audio files.

icon cons Cons:

  • It provides only two free downloads.

2. Gihosoft TubeGet

video converter for mac

Gihosoft TubeGet is another solid video downloader that works for both PC and Mac users. Its selling point is the One-click download option that lets you quickly save videos on your device. Another handy feature is the auto-transfer mode that automatically transfers all the downloaded video files onto your smartphone or tablet.

This app also allows you to back up and recover your precious media content. Sadly, the backup function is available in Pro version only. The download speed is restricted in a free version as well.

3. iTube Studio

app to tumblr download

iTube Studio is a feature-rich video downloader and converter for Mac and Windows that allows you to record live streaming videos. This tool lets you download video from Tumblr or any other trending video-sharing site in full HD, either through its browser extensions or by pasting a video URL.

You get a batch download option, smart download-then-convert mode, password protection, syncing between devices, and many other features - but only after you’ve purchased the app.

4. Video Keeper

tool for tumblr video download

Video Keeper is a straightforward tool for Tumblr video download. This app is equipped with a Detector feature that recognizes and saves Tumblr videos automatically when you open them in a browser.

In the paid version you get access to the multi-threading feature that allows you to download multiple videos simultaneously and to add up to 5 video URLs in the download queue.

5. Any Video Converter for Mac

tumblr video download app

Any Video Converter for Mac is a widely used media converting tool that also serves as a Tumblr video download app. It lets you save online videos into just about any file format. Additionally, the app offers basic video editing functionality: you can trim and crop videos, adjust brightness and contrast, and also merge multiple clips together.

Since this tool is a video converter rather than a downloader, it doesn’t provide a convenient in-app way to grab videos from Tumblr blogs directly. The only option you have here is finding a video you want to download and then copying and pasting a video URL in the app.

5 Online Video Downloaders for Tumblr

If you hate cluttering your device with yet another app that you may only use once, there is a plethora of online solutions. Below we’ve listed some of the best online Tumblr video downloaders.

Get a Tumblr video link, paste it into the input field, select a desired format and resolution, and you’re done. This online video grabber supports MP4, 3GP, WebM and MP3 formats.

Tube Offline is also a great help when you need to download a Tumblr clip quickly and free-of-charge. The website supports AVI, MP4, FLV, WMV, and MP3 and offers online conversion to these formats.

Catch Video allows you to save content from any of the common video hosting websites including Tumblr by generating download links from video URLs. It neither provides a video conversion option nor works with any copyrighted content.

Tube Ninja offers not one, but three different ways to download video from Tumblr - by copying URL and pasting it into the input field, by adding the “dl” prefix before a video link in a browser, or by using its bookmarklet feature.


online downloader from tumblr

A free online media converter that also works as a video downloader for Tumblr. It recognizes MOV, MP4, AVI, MKV, and 3GP video formats. You can also install it as a Safari browser plugin.

3 Video Downloader Extensions for Tumblr

Another convenient way to save Tumblr videos is to use a browser extension. With a downloader extension, you don’t have to install and launch a separate app. You can start downloading process right away, with a single click.

Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper is a plugin for Firefox users. It works for the majority of popular online sites including Tumblr but doesn’t support YouTube video downloading. This extension can also catch live videos in MP2T, HTTP, and F4F formats. In case the website is using a streaming format that’s not in the list, you can still record and save the video by screen capturing.

Flash Video Downloader

This free plugin for Chrome can be used for downloading and sharing Tumblr videos offline. It’s also compatible with the nine-tenths of online hosting platforms. A highly intuitive interface doesn’t require any additional skills for grabbing all the videos you like and saving them on your device.

Video Downloader Professional

Video Downloader Professional is another plugin for Chrome. In addition to Tumblr video download support, you get the possibility to stream videos to your TV via Google Chromecast. Keep in mind that downloading of YouTube content is forbidden in this extension.

Download Tumblr Videos with Firefox

For the most part, if you barely use Tumblr and need to download some videos once in a blue moon, we’d suggest you use Firefox. Here’s how you can save Tumblr clips and GIFs with Firefox browser:

  1. Launch Firefox and go to the source URL page with the video that you want to download;
  2. Open context menu by right-clicking on the page, then click the “Save Page As…” option. In the following pop-up window, choose the destination folder and select the “Web Page, complete” in the file format dropdown;
  3. You will get the entire web page saved to your local storage. Open a folder with the contents of the page and locate a file named “a_data”. Open it, and you will find an MP4 file - that’s the Tumblr clip that you wanted to get.

Download Tumblr Videos with Chrome

You can also save any Tumblr video by using Google Chrome with no additional software. It’s a commonly used method that allows you to find direct URLs of media content on any web page:

  1. Open the link to the Tumblr post containing the video in Google Chrome;
  2. Right-click on the web page and select the “Inspect” option from the context menu;
  3. Click CTRL + F to open the search input, type “video/mp4” into it, then press Enter;
  4. You will see the source link of the video highlighted in the Chrome console drawer. Copy the link and paste it in a new tab;
  5. Right-click on the video and select “Save video as” from the context menu. Choose the location, then click “Save”.

Now you’re equipped with the whole package of Tumblr video downloading solutions to choose from. Thank you for reading! Enjoy watching your favorite videos at any time and place!


Requirements: OS X 10.12+ , 55.99MB free space
Version (30 Apr, 2024) Release notes
Category: Video Downloaders for Mac