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How many times did you build an awesome playlist on YouTube and now you want to have it available offline or to get it on a USB to listen in the car? Similarly, don’t you hate those moments when you start watching your favorite TV show just to lose the Internet connection halfway through? To never have to go through these experiences again, you need a high-quality video grabber and a YouTube audio grabber. Luckily for our readers that identified with both situations, there are apps out there that perform both roles so you won’t have to look for two different solutions. And that’s exactly what we’re covering in today’s article. A list of the top video and audio downloaders, both free and paid, available as dedicated apps or online.

I. Grab Audio from YouTube - Best Software

We’re kicking off this article with the apps that help you grab YouTube audio and other soundtracks and songs from a wide range of similar websites. As we selected the apps to create the list, we focused first and foremost on features and the ability to download multiple files at once. Of course, a wide range of quality settings and various formats to choose from was also among the attributes we looked for in these apps. So, after applying all these criteria, we came up with these top 5 MP3 grabber apps.

1. VideoDuke

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Requirements: OS X 10.12+. 26.61MB free space. Version 1.13.287. (26 Oct, 2020). 4.5 Rank based on 89+ users, Reviews(8)
Category: Other solutions

There’s no better-suited app to open the list of top YouTube grabber MP3 software than VideoDuke. This all-in-one tool allows you to download any video from YouTube, no matter if you want to download a single song, a playlist, or an entire channel.

Also, it enables users to navigate YouTube straight from its interface, without needing a new browser window. Furthermore, it enables downloads in two modes: Simple and Advanced. While Simple offers users the possibility to grab MP3 from YouTube quick and efficient, the Advanced mode makes room for numerous settings like choosing the quality of the audio, the format of the track, and even choosing to download lyrics, images, and many more.


Being able to navigate YouTube and download the files directly is one of the biggest advantages of VideoDuke. Also, the two modes of operation are excellent for all types of users.

When talking about downsides, VideoDuke doesn’t really show any. The 2-videos limit for the free trial could be extended to make users even happier, however, it’s more than enough to test the full functionality.

Cost: Free for two downloads / $19,95 for a one-person license

Operating System: Mac

An excellent audio grabber for Mac, VideoDuke is the type of app that once you try it you will never have to look for an alternative. It gets the job done perfectly with plenty of features for the pickiest of users and an easy interface for the beginners.

2. Airy

Another top app to download audio and video from YouTube, Airy is very close to what VideoDuke is offering. However, if VideoDuke is a bit more focused on video downloads, Airy was designed with an audio-first approach. You can easily download YouTube videos in any format you want and this brings a lot of flexibility. You can prepare offline playlists for various devices, and choose the sound quality for the songs. Airy also supports downloading in batches, full playlists, and channels, and it even gives users the ability to download private videos.



The smooth user interface, long-range of formats to download in, and flexible quality settings are the strongest benefits that Airy brings to the table for all users. Another top feature is the ability to easily resume downloads when needed.

There aren’t any straightforward negative aspects of Airy to mention. However, if we must provide one, it could be the inability to download private videos without logging into the YouTube account.

Cost: $19,95 for a one-person license

Operating System: Mac

Airy provides a full service for all users that want to easily download YouTube videos and store them as offline tracks on any device. The multitude of formats and ways to download make it an excellent app.

3. Cisdem Video Downloader

Cisdem Video Downloader is the next app on our list that can be used to rapidly build an offline playlist with the top songs or soundtracks. A proven video downloader, Cisdem does an excellent job with audio as well and offers users a wide list of formats and quality settings to choose from. Capable of batch downloading, Cisdem also offers the ability to burn the tracks straight to a DVD or CD if you want to listen to them on an older device that still supports discs.

Cisdem Video Downloader


Very nice user interface with plenty of features that are carefully arranged so that everything falls into place. The ability to create DVDs with your favorite tracks right in the app without needing an extra one.

Cisdem doesn’t really have massive downsides. However, the lack of features in the free trial version can be considered one. As users can’t really buy something they can’t fully test.

Cost: Free Trial Version / $49,99 1 Mac/Lifetime License

Operating System: Mac

Cisdem is a seasoned audio and video downloader that can easily be used to create a playlist from YouTube and other audio streaming websites out there. With plenty of features all arranged in a slick user interface, you can trust this app to get the job done.

4. AllMyTube for Mac

Just like the name suggests, AllMyTube is a downloader that is aimed at YouTube and not only. You can grab songs one by one or download them in batches or playlists. Before starting the process, just make sure you select the format and audio quality. The user interface is smooth and offers all the information a user needs to make the most of the app, while the support for organizing downloads is also good.



The versatility is one of the strongest points of AllMyTube. The wide list of websites it can download audio from, together with doubling as a video downloader is definitely a nice touch from this app.

Once again, the lack of features for the free version is this app’s weak point. It does the job in the free version as well, however, it doesn’t have enough features to convince users to pay for the full version.

Cost: Free / $19,00 for 1 year and 1 device / $29,00 for a lifetime license

Operating System: Mac, Windows

You can say for sure that AllMyTube is one of the reliable tools out there that can download audio from YouTube videos and plenty more.

5. iTube Studio

iTube Studio takes the last place in our top 5. And while the last place may not look so good for them, when facing such strong competitors, it’s actually a very good result. Just like VideoDuke or Airy, iTube Studio is a complete solution that does not only allow users to get the job done when it comes to downloading audio from YouTube and other websites, but it also offers extra features like converting the videos or organizing playlists. Everything is put together in a very good-looking app that’s very friendly and easy to use.

iTube Studio


The main benefit of iTube studio comes from being such a discreet app that does require too many resources from your system. The wide range of audio formats available is another big plus.

On the downside, iTube Studio doesn’t provide such great support when it comes to downloads that get disconnected. However, for a free app, that’s understandable.

Cost: Free

Operating System: Mac, Windows

iTube Studio serves as an excellent YouTube downloader and it’s totally free to use. Of course, this means you’re getting fewer features than with other apps.

II. Grab Video from Websites - Top Tips

Having seen what are the best apps to grab audio from YouTube and other streaming websites, it’s time to move on to software that does the same thing for videos. In our quest to make a list that will help you find the best MP4 grabber, we focused on apps that allow you to save videos fast and easy. Having plenty of video formats to choose from is also an important feature that we stressed while composing the list. Ultimately, the ability to download videos in batches is another attribute that the tools to grab video on Mac present in this category offer. So, let’s check out the best 5 video grabber Mac tools.

1. VideoDuke for Mac

It shouldn’t surprise you that VideoDuke is the first app in the list of video downloading tools as well. Having already mentioned that it’s a great audio and video downloader, it’s time to back up this affirmation with facts. You can choose from the most popular formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, FLV, and many more when downloading videos. Furthermore, the list of websites it can download from is basically unlimited. There are over 10,000 websites out there from which you can grab videos with VideoDuke. For YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion you can even navigate the website from its interface. Choose the format and the quality of the final video (from 140p all the way to 8K) and enjoy watching your favorite videos offline.

YouTube Video Grabber


The major strong point of this app emerges from the wide list of functions it delivers. Its versatility makes it the best tool for a wide category of users. All of them, actually. Since there’s nothing VideoDuke can’t do in terms of downloading audio and video.

A wider period for the trial version is something most users respond when asked what could be improved about VideoDuke. However, unlike other apps that have an extended free trial, VideoDuke offers its full functionality during the two free downloads.

Cost: Free for two videos / $19,95 for a one-person license

Operating System: Mac

With VideoDuke you can cover all your video and audio downloading necessities. No matter if you’re downloading a movie to watch with your family or you want to get an entire season of your favorite TV show, this is the app for you.

2. Ummy Video Downloader

If you want to be able to download in Full HD, 4K with perfectly synced audio, and save your videos in MP4 to watch offline, Ummy Video Downloader is the tool to check out. Of course, this isn’t all it can deliver. You can also get MP3 from YouTube and download entire playlists from the same website. All you need is the URL of the video you want to download and then you are good to go. Just make sure to select the format and quality before proceeding with the download.

Ummy Video Downloader


Very good user interface and tons of features for such a lightweight app. It looks similar to macOS makes it very easy to use.

The most obvious negative aspect of Ummy Video Downloader is the lack of options when it comes to choosing formats. For video, you can just go with MP4 and MP3 for audio.

Cost: Free Trial / $15,99

Operating system: Mac

It can get the job done and it’s great that the app delivers a free trial as well. However, considering its price is close to what VideoDuke would cost for a personal license, the lack of features doesn’t make it a good competitor.

3. Allavsoft for Mac

Next suggestion for a video downloader that you can use, Allavsoft for Mac. A downloader that deserves its spot in the list for the multiple formats it offers and not only that. Sure, being able to save your video in AVI, MP3, MPG, MKV, or MOV is a good feature to have, however, Allavsoft shines through the high quality it offers. Going up to 4K, you can save all your favorite videos in amazing quality. Also, it comes with a browser extension, making the download process even easier since you won’t have to copy and paste the download link.



Besides the long list of formats, quality settings, and bulk downloads, Allavsoft shines through its high-end download resume capability. You will never have to start downloading all over again, even if a huge file download is disconnected.

Not necessarily a negative but the user interface of Allavsoft could use an upgrade to match the list of functions it offers and make it more appealing.

Cost: Free trial version / $19,95

Operating system: Mac

Download all your movies and TV shows from a long list of video streaming websites with Allavsoft and the features it offers. Test it in the free trial and then unleash all its power in the pro version.

4. Freemake Video Downloader

Freemake Video Downloader is the next app in our list that we are examining. It comes with plenty of functions to improve your downloading and watching experience. First of all, you can download your favorite videos in MP4, AVI, 3GP, FLV, MKV, or WMV. On top of that, this software can also save videos in formats that are directly compatible with mobile devices and store them there. Of course, we can’t overlook the fact that we are talking about a free app that will not cost you 1 cent to use.

Freemake Video Downloader


A very good user interface, especially since we are talking about an open-source design app. The list of formats is generous and even though the quality settings are not the widest, it’s more than other competitor apps deliver.

Unfortunately, Freemake Video Downloader doesn’t offer the ability to download videos in batch, you have to download them one by one.

Cost: Free

Operating System: Windows

Short conclusion: Even if it doesn’t offer batch downloads, Freemake still got a place on our list for the impressive list of features it offers while not having a subscription plan. Sure, other apps may offer a lot more, but you will have to pay to access those features.

5. YTD Video Downloader

Now, if you are looking for a YouTube Video Downloader, you couldn’t find a better-suited app for the job than YTD. At least from a name perspective. Don’t get us wrong, the list of features and functions it offers are is also appealing, otherwise, it wouldn’t be included in this list. However, there must be a reason why it only got the last position out of the 5 apps. That reason comes from not offering as many formats for downloads and having a much more limited list of websites from where it can download videos. However, for downloading videos and playlists from YouTube, it can deliver an excellent job and you can rely on YTD Video Downloader for a smooth and cost-free operation.

YTD Video Downloader


YTD Video Downloader’s main pro is the discretion with which the app operates. It’s known that some apps can require a lot of resources from your computer and can even cause delays in other apps. However, YTD can download the largest of files without putting extra stress on your Mac.

Not coming with more video formats is definitely one of the biggest downsides of YTD Video Downloader. However, if you keep in mind that it’s free software, you’re still getting a great deal.

Cost: Free

Operating System: Mac, Windows

YTD may not pack the same punch as other video downloaders on this list, however, it can still hold its ground. Offering a free experience is one of its strong points, otherwise, its presence here wouldn’t make any sense.

III. Video Grabber Online - Make Your Choice

Having seen the best apps to download audio from YouTube, as well as a list of some of the best YouTube video grabber apps available, let’s also check out some 100% online solutions. There are lots of users out there that want to download a quick video without having to install any software to get the job done. And that’s where an online video grabber for Mac comes into play. Just like with the dedicated apps, we focused on offering you lots of features, many formats to choose from, as well as extra functionality when deciding on how to grab video from the website. So, no matter if you’re looking for an Instagram video grabber, or you want to get your favorite YouTube video, or a TV shows from another website, these online solutions are going to help you get the job done.

1. KeepVid

First, on our list of websites to download audio and video from the Internet, KeepVid is a great solution for all users that want to quickly save a video to their computers. Just grab the URL for the video you wish to download, choose the settings for the video, and hit download. The final video will be saved in the download folder of your browser and then you can easily organize the files as you wish.


A very user interface and fast download speed are definitely the advantages of KeepVid. A very intuitive process as well, perfect for first-time users.

Unfortunately, as all website solutions do, KeepVid offers a limited range of formats compared to dedicated software.

2. Y2Mate

Continuing our list of websites that you can use to download videos from the internet, we reach Y2Mate. Again, a website that hints towards YouTube, but that doesn’t only handle YouTube videos. The full list of websites from which you can download contains more than 500 domains and it’s really an all-in-one tool. You have all the popular video formats available to choose from and you can choose various quality settings as long as the source video supports it as well.


Really good looking interface and an overall straightforward approach that makes it easy for users to find their way around the website even if they didn’t use similar services before.

Not much can be done towards preparing the videos in various formats for different devices or similar uses.


The first thing you notice when opening is the long list of video formats it offers for downloading videos from YouTube and many other websites. While most of the competitors only go with MP4 and AVI, also offers 3GP for mobile devices, MOV, and MKV. Of course, it can download audio as well in MP3, M4A, or AAC, and the copy-paste system is excellently set up for a smooth operation.


The wide range of formats for both video and audio downloads is, without a doubt, the biggest advantage that brings to the table.

For such a capable website, the user interface is really a downside. Since most users are impressed by looks first and foremost, this website loses a lot of potential clients for not having a better-looking interface.

4. TubeOffline

The third online solution in this list of websites that download video and audio from the Internet comes from TubeOffline. TubeOffline can offer pretty much everything the other apps offer, however, they only take third place due to its interface and what looks like no effort in promoting the service whatsoever. The list of formats, quality settings, and download speed are all very good, however, the UI doesn’t really help to put all these into perspective.


The quality settings offered for the video output are amazing considering that we’re talking about a website to download videos from YouTube. It’s comparable to what a dedicated video grabber for Mac can do.

The interface must be upgraded and that will bring the app a lot higher than it is now. Also, upgrading the interface should help with the site speed and overall download speed.

5. Catch.Tube

We’re presenting Catch.Tube as the last online solution to download videos from YouTube and lots more other websites out there. However, just because it takes the last spot on our list, it doesn’t make it a worse website. Actually, it has the potential of becoming number one in no time. The number of features, the way they designed the website, and the incredible chrome extension are elements that can make this downloader a huge success.


A really fresh approach for a website that is also good looking. The Chrome extension is definitely a huge plus compared to other apps in this list.

The website is still more like the “new kid on the block” and it needs to pass the test of time until it can be taken into consideration as a viable solution to download YouTube videos.


You can easily grab Facebook videos using VideoDuke. Thanks to its smooth user interface, you will find your way around the app in no time. Then, just access the page where you want to download the video from and unleash the power of VideoDuke. You can also save images, audio, and many more.
Of course, if you want to quickly grab videos from Instagram or any other social media platforms, you can relly on VideoDuke for an excellent job. With its two operating modes, VideoDuke is perfect for both quick downloads or fine-tuned videos as well.
Just install VideoDuke on your Mac to make the first step towards downloading audio files from Tumblr. Once you install VideoDuke, open the app and go to the Tumblr page where the video is posted. Select the settings for the final file and hit download.
There are several aspects to consider when choosing an online video downloader. First of all, you need to think about the number of features you’re getting. Besides downloading video, can you convert clips as well, edit them, or save audio? Is there support for batch downloads? All these questions are answered positively by VideoDuke.
Sure you can! VideoDuke offers you the possibility of grabbing any images from videos with the screenshot functionality. Also, it can also grab artwork related to a YouTube video or any other website similar to YouTube.

Now that you have all the best apps to download video and audio from YouTube and other streaming services, you can start testing to see which one feels like the best solution for your needs. AS you can see, VideoDuke scores best when it comes to both video and audio so you are getting a 2-in-1 package when choosing this app. If you’re after an online-only solution, you have 5 to choose from as well. Just make sure you choose the app that perfectly answers your needs and you don’t get something with way too many or too few features.


Requirements: OS X 10.12+ , 26.61MB free space
Version 1.13.287 (26 Oct, 2020) Release notes
Category: Other solutions
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