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If you are reading this, you have probably used Vimeo at least a couple of times before. While it is a great platform for uploading videos, it has its ups and downs. But there comes a time when Vimeo can’t suit all your needs and you need to find an alternative. This is why we’ve compiled this list of the best hosting alternatives similar to Vimeo.

List of most video download websites as of 2021

  1. YouTube - top-rated video hosting platform
  2. Dailymotion - best website for watching videos
  3. Metacafe
  4. 123movies
  5. Tumblr
  6. Reddit
  7. Putlocker
  8. The Internet Archive
  9. 9Gag TV
  10. MySpace
  11. Downloading favorite video content on Mac

1. YouTube - top-rated video hosting platform

youtube video platform

It’s no doubt that YouTube is one of the most popular and top-rated video sharing platforms out there. Did you know that 300 hours of footage are posted every single hour? That’s because of the convenient way YouTube allows its users to upload videos and thanks to the easy to use interface. More than this, the website allows users to earn money through ads being displayed on their videos. This and millions of cat videos have contributed a bunch to YouTube’s reign over the other video platforms.

Probably the most pleasing thing about YouTube is the fact that everyone on earth is using it, your grandma is using it, your cousins are using it, everyone. This is a great thing when trying to share videos or links between friends.

The downside is, with every major platform, comes a lot of regulations and policies. Unfortunately, YouTube is slowly decreasing when it comes to the quality of the videos and has many regulations when it comes to what you can and can’t upload.

2. Dailymotion - best website for watching videos

sharing video platform

Even though this website has been founded way before YouTube, it did not manage to amass the success the previous one did. While success does not always ensure quality, Dailymotion is a great platform for when it comes to watching videos. It’s not only available in 25 languages and 43 versions. It has everything you can ever dream of such as movies, interesting videos, funny ones and more. It manages to bring over 300 million people from all over the world together, every month and it looks like the number is still growing every month. Dailymotion claims they care about their creators and they are trying to offer the most cutting edge technology possible on the market.

One of the biggest wins for Dailymotion is the quality of the videos the platform has to offer and the few restrictions it has.

The bad thing about Dailymotion is the fact that its design might seem a little outdated for some of the newcomers.

3. Metacafe

video sharing website

Metacafe is a website to share digital videos on the Internet, functioning as a social network. It offers a desktop application, intended primarily for users who are “video addicts” and download many videos every week. This page was created in 2003 and for 2006 the popularity of this video hosting service increased, ranking among one of the best in its field. The company is based in Palo Alto, California, has offices in Tel Aviv and New York. Some of its investors are Highland Capital Partners, Benchmark Capital, Accel Capitals and DAG Ventures, among others. It differs by not hosting any type of videos, but only original short films, 90 seconds, on average, with good content to entertain; No fragments, no personal news or videos. To implement it, it gives greater control to the user community, than other video sites, with more than 80,000 volunteer reviewers, who check thousands of videos every day. The system automatically identifies and exposes the most popular videos, based on user interactions. Thus, Metacafe pays for the best original works to its creators. On the other hand, it offers a desktop application to download the videos to the computer and has a filter, for content control, configurable by the user.

4. 123movies

movie video website

123movies allows you to watch a wide variety of movies and streaming series stored in Openload or other similar servers, in a similar way to what other popular streaming websites do. It is not even necessary to leave the web since the browser included a window to the player. The website has been operating for three years, and in its short history, it had changed its name and domain several times to try to avoid the authorities. Now, there are only a few days left to close permanently. This website is considered to be one of the most popular streaming platforms for the latest movies and TV shows. 123Movies provides high-quality streams for each and every one of their movies and promises great buffering speeds for its users. One of the best thing about the website is the fact that it does not require any type of login. You can just browse through movies without any registration and download 123movies videos in the easiest way. Of course, for every good part, there must be a bad thing and that is the fact that sometimes the website goes down for long periods of time.

5. Tumblr

blog videos site

Tumblr is positioned as one of the strongest social blog networks in the market, especially after being bought by Yahoo. Tumblr already exceeds WordPress and Medium blogs to date. An essential feature in Tumblr is “that it is so easy to use that creating a blog and filling it with content will be insultingly simple,” which is one of its slogans. Being able to publish and share "Stories, photos, GIFs, fandom stuff, links, ideas, absurd (and intelligent) humor, Spotify songs, .mp3, videos, fashion news, art in its purest form, deep thoughts ...".) These definitions of what Tumblr is are from Tumblr itself and it already accommodates more than 440 million blogs.

You have the freedom to modify the design and its template. If you are not a designer, you can purchase original templates and even get some for free It is a platform that allows users to make commercial promotions, being able to put texts, images, and videos of your company or products and become viral. Being on the Tumblr network means you can be followed and shared by all users of this network and its impact and virality are very high.

6. Reddit

news sharing website

Reddit is a content aggregator highly-influenced by the community. We are talking about a social platform in which users send publications that other users can vote for or against, according to their preferences. If a publication receives many votes, it goes up in the Reddit ranking and, consequently, more people can see it. If you receive votes down, your visibility is quickly reduced and disappears from the view of most users. Reddit is divided into subcommunities or subreddits. Any user can create subreddits on any topic, be it a general issue, such as technology, or specific, as a simple joke. Each subreddit becomes part of the complete Reddit mailing list, which means that a post on any subreddit (unless it is private) can reach the main page of the website.

Reddit is ultimately a community. Use it properly if you have time. Send the things you like, join many subreddits and comment on other people's posts. On this platform, there is something interesting for everyone, so there are no excuses!

Probably the downside of Reddit is that it might be hard at first to find a community that will suit your needs.

7. Putlocker

best website to watch movies

Putlocker is a website that connects users with online media streams that allow them to watch a variety of movies and TV shows. Putlocker started in the UK as and its popularity grew rapidly. At the beginning of 2012, it had an average of approximately 800,000 visitors per day, but this doubled after Megaupload, a similar site, was closed. This was due to an alleged copyright infringement, although the closure was completely voluntary. The way people digest the media has changed beyond recognition, even in the past five years. The days of pouring the TV listings to know when the programs you want to watch and arrive at Blockbuster on Friday night to rent your favorite movie are on are now firmly in the past.

As the site links to external flows, there is a possibility that users are victims of viruses, malware and other security threats from those links. Therefore, users must also take online security measures when using the site.

8. The Internet Archive

download video platform

The Internet Archive Project is that it is an interesting and ambitious project that is quite unknown to the general public. The main objectives of this digital library are to keep a copy of the entire content present on the Internet so that the content created lasts over time and is accessible to everyone. And of course, to maintain freedom on the internet by facilitating the free circulation of information and provide free and open internet for everyone, thus facilitating universal access to knowledge. This is the holy grail of informational videos and great content from the past.

The project is currently kept alive through donations from companies and individuals such as Google, Smithsonian Institute, etc. One of the main drawbacks of this website is the outdated interface and because sometimes the servers overload and cause the website to become slow for everyone. Rather than this, the website is an overall great experience for every enthusiast.

9. 9Gag TV

movie video hosting website

For those who do not know the humorous world on the Internet, we must tell them that there is a page called “9GAG TV”. And obviously, there is an application that has all the funny jokes, memes, and videos. Essentially, 9GAG TV is just a collection of funny memes and videos that anyone can upload. Most of them tend to be funny, some are brutally honest. Others are cute, and some are simply fascinating. It is completely free and has free apps for Android and iOS. Your experience may vary when you are on the Web or when using a mobile.

Share all the funny videos to your friends. You have to be the joy of the group and be the first person to share the latest trend with your colleagues or contacts. 9GAG allows you to share via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks.

The only downside is that it only features humorous or interesting videos, and does not allow users to upload any other types of videos.

10. MySpace

streaming video website

MySpace is an Internet site founded in the United States, which makes available to users, free of charge, a personalized webspace, which allows to present various personal information and make a blog. MySpace is known, above all, for hosting numerous pages of musical groups that put online information such as concert dates, songs, photographs etc. Tons of Friendster users got tired and ended up switching to MySpace through word of mouth, which began through friends of the founders and employees of MySpace, along with some media promotions through Intermix, the company that owned part of MySpace at that time. When Anderson and DeWolfe saw that musicians and musicians' fans used MySpace more than any other group, they created MySpace Music, and site traffic rose suddenly.

In 2008, MySpace had more than 230 million users. Currently, its activity has been greatly reduced and has only 200 employees, but you can find tremendous amounts of music, videos and tv shows if you know where to search for.

While it does not have the same community as it did before, it manages to amass a pretty impressive sum of people every week.

11. Downloading favorite video content on Mac

vimeo video downloader mac

Of course, with so many sources for downloading videos, someone might need to store all these incredible TV shows or videos offline, for later watching. Well, in this case, VideoDuke for Mac is the best solutions for those in need. It has useful functions such as downloading videos in a wide array of formats and resolutions and having the possibility to only download audio. More than this, you can download images and animations from the video, depending on the format.

With that being said, we hope you have chosen the best website to download using VideoDuke. Keep in mind that some websites might suit certain types of people better than other ones, so try to give every website a shot until you finally decide on your favorite one. Happy watching!


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