Android file transfer
for Mac

SyncMate is a powerful Android file transfer Mac utility. It will not just transfer data between Mac and Android, it will sync it!
No matter which Android phone or tablet you own, if it runs Android 4.x-8.x - SyncMate will sync it.

With SyncMate you can

  • Sync personal data FREE

    With SyncMate you can sync your contacts and calendars on Mac with Android devices for absolutely free. Keep your personal data up-to-date on both devices.
  • Sync media files

    SyncMate Expert, multifunctional Android file transfer for Mac, allows syncing images, videos, separate playlists or music on Mac with Android devices.
  • Sync folders

    SyncMate Expert is a convenient method to keep multiple folders and thousands of files synchronized. No need to move files in folders between devices manually, just sync them with SyncMate.
  • Sync automatically

    SyncMate Expert allows syncing data between Mac and Android devices automatically. Just set sync parameters once and they will be implemented for future sync sessions.
  • Mount Android devices

    Our Android file transfer Mac app allows mounting Android devices as Mac disks and browsing their content directly on Mac. You can transfer files between Mac and Android by simple drag&drop.
  • Manage SMS

    SyncMate allows managing Android SMS on Mac. View, create, send, delete or even export SMS messags not even touching your Android phone.

Let’s get started

  • Get it Free

    • Requirements: OS X 10.8.5+
    • Version: 7.3.434 (26th Jan, 2019)
    • Reviews(956):
    • Total downloads: 1,347,388
  • Buy now

    SyncMate 6 Expert offers additional options: iTunes, Photos, folders, bookmarks sync and lots more. From $39.95
  • Upgrade

    If you own a license for previous version, you can upgrade with 50% off.