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Nowadays, with so many platforms that host unique content, you can’t possibly open an account for every big provider. So, if you don’t want to miss any new episode of your favorite TV show or an awesome documentary that is only available on a specific video streaming platform, you need some good solutions. Take Amazon for example, since they were a bit late to develop their streaming platform, most users already have accounts with Netflix or/and HBO. Making the third account almost too much for one household. That’s the moment when you need a good app to enable you to download Amazon Prime videos to Mac watch offline. And that’s exactly what we are covering in this article.

I. What is Amazon Prime Video Today?

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime is a video on demand platform operated by Amazon which offers users a wide range of TV shows, videos, and plenty of other media content. The service is based on a subscription and users have the option to rent or purchase various videos that are not included in the standard subscription. Right now, the Prime Video only is available in the US, the UK, Sweden, Germany, and Austria. This means you don’t need to have an Amazon Prime subscription to enjoy the video platform.

Just like other video streaming platforms out there, Prime Video offers the most popular creations as well as some productions that are unique for the platform. The Tour, a car TV-show that is hosted by the ex-protagonists of Top Gear is perhaps the most popular exclusive video content offered by Amazon Prime Video right now. However, new shows are always put in production and the competition between Amazon, Netflix, HBO, Zulu, and other platforms are great for the users that get top-quality content.

II. How to Download Videos from Amazon Prime Manually

When you own a paid subscription to Amazon Prime Video, you also get the option to download some videos through the app. Remember, that this option is only available for mobile users as there’s no such option on the website. The steps to download Amazon Prime videos manually are as follows:

  1. Log in to the Amazon Prime video app.
  2. Go to Settings and configure your download settings. ( you can choose the quality, as well as if you want to download over Wi-Fi or mobile data as well).
  3. You also have the option to choose to download on the SD card or on the phone’s memory [Android only].
  4. Locate the movie or TV show you want to download and tap on the “Download” button in the list of actions.

III. Download Amazon Movies to Mac - Top Software

The first operating system we’re focusing on for top software is macOS. So, if you want to download Amazon video to Mac, you’ll find a list of 5 top applications that will perform this task for you in a professional and simple manner. Not only that we checked these apps to make sure each one delivers a high-quality experience, but we also took compatibility and a smooth user interface into consideration. Of course, one of the most important parts of downloading Amazon video Mac users look for is a feature-rich app, so that was an attribute when doing the selection as well.

1. iTube Studio

iTube Studio is the first app that answers the question of “how to download Amazon video to Mac”. While it was initially designed for YouTube, the developers made it functional for a wide range of video streaming websites so that users can download all their favorite movies. Provided by Aimersoft, iTube Studio can deal with the most popular video formats such as AVI, MP4, MKV, MPG, or FLV and it can be used for downloading audio files as well. The entire list of websites it can download videos from includes over 10,000 titles and Amazon Prime Video is among them. Keep in mind that you’ll need to have an Amazon Prime Video to be able to use iTube Studio.

iTube Studio

Pros of iTube Studio:

The flexibility offered by iTube Studio is one of its main advantages. You can quickly use it to get your favorite TV shows, movies, or documentaries and save them in a wide range of formats.

Cons of iTube Studio:

The major disadvantage of iTube Studio comes from not being able to navigate on Amazon Prime Video from the app and a relatively limited offer of quality settings.

Cost: $29.95

iTube Studio is a great downloader for Amazon Prime videos if you already have a subscription to access the videos. It can handle batch downloads with ease and will make it a simple task to build an offline playlist to watch when you’re out of the internet.

2. AllMyTube for Mac

Wondershare AllMyTube for Mac is the next Mac app that we’re taking into consideration as a reliable software to download videos from Amazon Prime Video. Besides Amazon, you can use it to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Metacafe, Vimeo, and many more. Also, when you decide on which video to download, you can choose from formats like MP4, FLV, WebM to make sure you have the best experience possible. It can also download audio only in case you have a documentary or TV show on Amazon that you want to save as MP3. It also offers Wireless Transfer so you can see the videos on other devices after downloading them on your Mac.


Pros of AllMyTube for Mac:

One of the main advantages of AllMyTube is its flexibility when it comes to adapting the videos for various devices. The wide range of formats and the Wireless Transfer work perfectly together.

Cons of AllMyTube for Mac:

On the other hand, since the free version of AllMyTube only offers a few features, it’s disappointing not to be able to see the full power of the app before you pay for it.

Cost: $19,00 for 1 year and 1 device / $39,00 for a lifetime license

Definitely a capable app that could easily become more popular if they would include more features in the free version so that users can see everything this app can do. Even so, it deserves the number three position in our list of Amazon downloader Mac-dedicated apps.

3. Bigasoft Video Downloader

Bigasoft Video Downloader is also a reliable tool when it comes to downloading videos from a multitude of online platforms, Amazon Prime Video included. It allows batches downloads so you can get entire seasons at once and you can also easily organize your downloads within the app. It can be used on many other websites, like YouTube, Vimeo, LiveLeak, and more. The user interface is also very clear and smooth to use even by a rookie.

Bigasoft Video Downloader

Pros of Bigasoft:

The biggest advantage of Bigasoft Video Downloader comes from its built-in screen recorder. The fact that it can download in batches is also very convenient.

Cons of Bigasoft:

Unfortunately, there are a lot of downsides as well. For starters, it doesn’t download on the websites that require sign-in and it can’t access videos not available in your country.

Cost: Free on Trial / $59.99 for a lifetime license

Bigasoft may not be the best tool to download Amazon prime movies to Mac, however, it does an excellent job if you want to quickly build an offline playlist. The screen-recording feature stands out.

4. MacX YouTube Downloader

Don’t let the name of this app fool you. Even though it contains YouTube in the title, MacX can handle Amazon Prime Videos with ease. Of course, you need to have access to the Amazon Prime service before being able to use it to download the videos. Choose from the most popular formats and quality settings of up to 4K to build the perfect offline library. MacX shines through a very good download speed with no quality loss. The maximum resolution is tightly connected with the quality of the video you’re downloading.

MacX YouTube Downloader

Pros of MacX:

The user interface is one of the biggest advantages for MacX since it is very similar to the macOS interface, which makes it easy to use. However, the wide list of formats and the download speed are also attributed worth mentioning.

Cons of MacX:

The biggest disadvantage of MacX is the inability to download multiple videos at once. You will have to download your TV shows one episode after another.

Cost: Free

While it doesn’t offer the same top-quality services as the previous three apps, MacX does a great job for free software. That’s why it got the fourth spot and it is a well-deserved position.

5. VideoDuke for Mac

Videoduke logo
Requirements: OS X 10.12+. 26.67MB free space. Version 1.14.292. (6 Dec, 2020). 4.5 Rank based on 89+ users, Reviews(8)
Category: Other solutions

If you want to download favorite content from alternatives to Amazon websites, VideoDuke for Mac is all that you need, because of the vast list of features it offers.

It offers the ability to browse video hosting platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.) directly from its interface, so never leaving the app to a browser window, the choice between a Simple and Advanced mode, as well as support for downloading subtitles, images, and other elements from the webpage. VideoDuke gives you the possibility of saving videos in a wide range of formats on your Mac so you won’t have to depend on the Internet connection when you want to watch your favorite show.

Pros of VideoDuke:

The main benefit you get when using VideoDuke is that you will never need to look for another video downloader again. Covers all formats, gives you two modes of operation, and it supports any resolution from 144p to 8K.

Cons of VideoDuke:

On the downside, VideoDuke only allows you to download two videos in the free mode before buying the software. However, two videos are more than enough to convince yourself of its quality.

Cost: Free for two downloads and $19,95 for a one-person license

A complete downloader like VideoDuke couldn’t miss from our list of top movie downloaders since it’s an all-in-one tool that delivers exceptional performance. Also, the paid version is very accessible for all the features you get.

IV. How to Download Amazon Prime Movies on Windows

After covering the list with the best Amazon downloader Mac-optimized software, it’s time to take a close look at what are the options for Windows users as well. Just like with the previous list of apps for Mac, we applied the strictest criteria to come up with this top 5. Functionality was put first, while other aspects like plenty of formats, quality settings, and ability to download from more sites than Amazon Prime Video were also among the main qualities an app needs to show to be on this list. Without further ado, let’s check out the best Amazon Prime Video downloader for Windows.

1. Allavsoft for Windows

Allavsoft is one of the best downloaders that Windows users can count on for downloading videos from various platforms. Amazon Prime Video is also on that list and you can rely on Allavsoft to download videos in various resolutions between 240p and all the way up to 4K. Furthermore, the most popular video formats like MP4, MPV, AVI, WMV, MPG, MKV, and many more are available. Besides the dedicated software, you can also get browser support from Allavsoft no matter if you are using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.


Pros of Allavsoft:

Allavsoft stands out from the crowd by offering excellent support for interruptions during the download. You can resume it at any point and it keeps a complete history of downloads.

Cons of Allavsoft:

The major downside of Allavasoft for Windows is that the free version offered only does a fraction of what the full version can do.

Cost: Free on Trial / $29,99

Allavsoft is a really good Amazon Prime downloader for Windows as long as you have an account. The ability to convert the videos to many formats and download in batches can make your life a lot easier.

2. WinX for YouTube Downloader

Another app that contains YouTube in its name, a thing that can confuse a lot of users. Indeed, WinX was originally designed for YouTube, however, it has been upgraded to deal with Amazon Prime videos as well. This means you should have an active subscription to be able to use WinX to download videos. However, once that is out of the way, WinX will allow you to save 8k videos in a wide range of formats with minimum effort.


Pros of WinX:

WinX is very gentle on the computer and only needs a fraction of the system resources to do a great job. The range of quality settings is very good for free software.

Cons of WinX:

The range of formats isn’t as wide as other apps on this list, however, considering that it’s a 100% free app, that’s something that can be overlooked.

Cost: Free

A lightweight, free app that allows you to download videos from Amazon Prime Video and over 500 other websites on Windows. Definitely the kind of app you can rely on for getting a few episodes of your favorite TV show before a flight.

3. 4K Video Downloader for PC

If you’re all about quality when it comes to downloading Amazon Prime Video on your Windows PC, 4K Video Downloader should definitely be on your list. Not only that it supports video downloads of up to 4K, but the app is also lightweight and extremely easy to use. Once you decide on the file you wish to download, just select the format out of many popular video formats, select the quality and hit “Download”. It offers support for subtitles as well, and that’s another big plus for such a lightweight app.

4K Video Downloader

Pros of 4K Video Downloader:

The main advantage of 4K Video Downloader comes from the high-quality video resolutions it can handle. However, users should know this can only be obtained if the original video is 4K as well.

Cons of 4K Video Downloader:

The installer and the app itself require quite a lot of space to install, however, since it’s a free version that shouldn’t be a big problem.

Cost: Free

An app that can deliver top-quality downloads, at a decent time and with no costs. That’s exactly what a Windows user needs to build that offline playlist of videos from Amazon Prime Video.

4. Freemake Video Downloader

Just like the name suggests, Freemake Video Downloader is a free tool that can be used to download videos from a long list of websites. Fortunately for Windows users, Amazon Prime is also on that list, as long as you have a paid subscription to access the videos. Top formats like MP4, AVI, 3GP, FLV, AVI, or MKV are available when using Freemake Video Downloader and while it doesn’t offer as many options as other apps, it’s still an amazing piece of free software.

Freemake Video Downloader

Pros of Freemake Video Downloader:

Easily allows users to capture videos from Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, LiveLeak, and many other websites in resolutions of up to 4K.

Cons of Freemake Video Downloader:

Limited support for converting the videos for mobile devices. If you want mobile functionality, you will need to download a separate converter or just go with another app altogether.

Cost: Free

Freemake Video Downloader got the fourth spot on the list thanks to the long list of websites you can use it to download top-quality videos. With a more than decent offer of formats and quality settings, this free app is a really good solution for casual users and enthusiasts alike.

5. Any Video Downloader

Any Video Downloader comes to complete the list of best 5 apps to download Amazon Prime Videos on Windows. This free software can handle resolutions of up to 8K and it offers a superior download speed. However, the better download speed is shadowed by the fact you are not able to download multiple files at once. All in all, it’s a great tool since it offers all the popular video formats and a wide enough range of quality settings to choose from.

Any Video Downloader

Pros of Any Video Downloader:

It can automatically synchronize the downloaded content with the video or audio player so that you can easily build your playlist and enjoy the perfect movie night.

Cons of Any Video Downloader:

The interface of Any Video Downloader could receive an upgrade since it has an outdated feel to it.

Cost: Free Trial / $19,99

There’s nothing like a lightweight app to quickly download your favorite shows or movies from Amazon or any other website. We’re sure that with an upgraded interface, Any video Downloader is going to enjoy even more popular among users.

V. Download Amazon Movies - Online Solutions

If you’re not such a big fan of downloaded software to download Amazon Prime movies to Mac or Windows, you can get the best of both worlds through an online solution. While you won’t get the full list of services offered by the dedicated software, not having to download and install any software is a big plus. We put together the best 5 such online solutions so you can easily decide on the best one for your needs. Check them out and try them all to see which one proves to be the best video downloader website.

1. TubeOffline

TubeOffline is a straightforward online downloader that works with a huge agenda of streaming websites. We appreciated the list of sites from where you can download, carefully arranged on the homepage and the very fast search function. There are dedicated sections for downloading from Reddit or from FreeSound, however, downloading movies from Amazon Prime Video is not at all slower or less efficient.


Easy to use website that loads very quickly compared to other websites we analyzed. Everything is described so that users have an easy time navigating the sections.


Limited quality settings ( just Low, Normal, and Best) and just 4 video formats supported.

2. Y2Mate

Initially designed for YouTube, Y2Mate can also help you download videos from Amazon Prime Video. However, you should note that you need to own a paid subscription to the service, in order to be able to save the videos offline. The big box where you paste the link on the website is easy to spot and the entire process is efficient and straightforward.


You can use the website without needing to register an account or filling up any forms. That’s very cool for an online solution that provides unlimited downloads.


The download speed isn’t the best, especially when downloading very big files. Also, if the download gets interrupted, you can’t resume it.

3. KeepVid

Another awesome tool that allows you to download videos without installing any software on your computer, KeepVid is a website that can download videos from a long list of websites. As you can imagine, the features offered by KeepVid are limited when compared to a downloadable app, however, it doesn’t use any of your resources and also comes with plenty of quality settings for such a simple solution. You can save the videos in MP4 and that’s great since it’s the most popular video format.


A very nice interface that makes everything look very professional and smooth. All the frequently asked questions are available right under the downloader on the website.


You won’t be able to keep track of the videos you downloaded since Keep Vid doesn’t keep a download history. However, you can use the bookmarks in Chrome or any other browser you use.

4. Videofk

VideoFK is the Asian competitor of all the online solutions to download movies from Amazon Prime Video. As you can imagine, it’s all about the latest technology with this website. You have an unlimited list of websites from which you can download and the range of formats and quality options is also very generous as well. All in all, Videofk is a very appealing solution that can deliver great results.


Very enjoyable interface, everything is carefully organized and it’s a plus if you’re a fan of anime and other Asian-themed shows.


Even though you select to view the English version of the website, there are still some menus in Chinese / Japanese.

5. CatchVideo

CatchVideo is the last website solution we’re listing for all users out there that wish to download Amazon Prime movies to Mac or Windows. Besides delivering a website download experience, this website also comes with browser plug-ins for Chrome and Firefox. You can choose resolutions starting with 360p and all the way to 4K, while the download process is a simple copy-paste with the URL from Amazon Prime. The videos are downloaded as MP4 only, however, if you need any other formats, you can simply use a converter.


Easy to use interface and if you want to make things even easier, you can add an extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.


The user interface isn’t the prettiest, however, it gets the job done. Also, the lack of other formats besides MP4 can be considered a downside.


Indeed, you can either use a dedicated app or a website to download Amazon Prime videos to your Mac or Windows computer. In most cases, you will need a subscription to Amazon Prime before being able to use any of these methods.
Purchased movies on Amazon Prime Video can be downloaded to a Mac computer just like any other content from Amazon Prime Video. You can use one of the apps built to download these videos or you can choose an online solution. Otherwise, you can use the app to save the videos directly from the Amazon Prime Video app.
If you’re not a big fan of Amazon Prime Video, there are countless options available out there. You can either go for Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Disney + and even YouTube started to launch their own platform for TV shows and documentaries. There’s plenty to choose from.
Amazon Prime is free for the first two weeks so you can check out the content available and decide if you want to create a paid account. Otherwise, there’s no other way you can access the movies hosted on Amazon Prime Video for free.
A top-rated video downloader for Mac is a tool that comes with plenty of solutions for users that wish to download videos from a wide range of websites. Besides that, the best app also delivers multiple formats and quality solutions so that users get the quality they want. A great example of such an app is VideoDuke, the most complex video downloader for Mac there is.
After going through this article, you should have a very clear idea of what the best downloader for Amazon Prime Video content is. No matter if you’re using a Mac, a Windows computer or you want to use an online solution, we presented the best solutions for each category. No matter what your final choice is, remember to always take into consideration the features you are going to use most and always test the software before getting the paid version. IF you can’t make up your mind, VideoDuke comes with a complete array of features and perks to make it the best video downloader on the market right now!


Requirements: OS X 10.12+ , 26.67MB free space
Version 1.14.292 (6 Dec, 2020) Release notes
Category: Other solutions